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Played the jam versions at first but ended buying this trilogy.

Cute and creative art, heartwarming experience and got me on the shoes of a trans person.

Congratulations and thank you for making these games, looking forward your future works!

The hardest journeys are the most fulfilling ones

I am proud son

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I'm okay with the second option!

I don't know if you can manually do this via so I'll leave my email here: [edited]

I accidentally brought this twice, I meant to buy this one and the Teasure Cave tileset, could you help me?


i hate eggman he keeps stealing all my points

Finish It Jam community · Created a new topic Jam over

What did you think of it?

Unfortunately, I couldn't make it. But I'm happy for those who could!

If I ever host a jam like this again, I think I'd add more criterias for ratings.

klik click klak

I've just beaten the boss!

Very cute artstyle. I like the mix up between platforming and fighting!

The character moves way too fast for my taste, but maybe that's just me. Also I think the dialogue font is kinda hard to read, I'd suggest just using a black font.

Good luck on your project, I'll be looking for next updates!

Hi! The jam will start 05/09 (4 days and 11 hours from now), and will last 15 days, ending on 05/24. But if you start counting now, you'd have 19 days left. Community » General » Game Jams · Created a new topic Finish It Jam

Instead of making something completely new, this jam is about finishing ongoing projects, ideas or deadlines, which I also will be participating myself.

So in case you got an unfinished game collecting dust, this might be a good oportunity for you to try to finish it!

Hope to see you there.

Glad you liked it!

Setting your monitor to 60hz makes it run at normal speed. The next demo I'll make it so it runs normally at any refresh rate.

Also in the next demo the player will be prompted to configure his own controls as soon the game loads, in a much more user-friendly menu. (I'll keep the Windows 3.1 interface as an optional menu though!)

There aren't any gameplay differencies between Raxy and Corel... you just pick whoever you like more!

Yeah the arrow things are supposed to be diamonds. For now they're here just for the sake of the demo so I didn't put too much effort on them haha.

Thank you very much for the detailed feedback! I'm reworking some parts of the code and hope to have much more to show next month.

Hi! Are you using Firefox? Try using Chrome. 

This also happens when you're on mobile. This issue will be fixed in the next version.

I love her too xD

Yeah the whip hitbox was intentional, but now I see it was a bad idea. it's on my list of fixes for the next version.


Eventually it will have a proper in-game menu, but I'll keep this old-styled one too...  this kind of menu were very pratical on older games and I kinda miss them on modern ones...

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Vanilla HTML5 too haha. I like doing it but it was kinda hard squeezing content for the demo day.

I've played your game and I've been following your progress in 4chan and it looks really interesting!

EDIT: I played the older version... downloading the newer one right now