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This is kind of freaking amazing.

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Thanks for playing! A lot of the original concept sounded good on paper but had some inconsistencies when implemented. The nearby oil does catch fire, but because the dash has such a big "splash zone" you almost never can observe it following a trail. That and the cube stomps out fire pretty quick. Lots of balancing and tweaks needed! Appreciate the comment.

Ahh I broke some of this down in a twitter conversation: @CriticalMammal - arp tweet . In the conversation I was confused and thought it was the 'weird drums' sample at first but I only used the 'rhythmic bass' sample for the more percussive arps. 'weird drums' wasn't used at all in the song actually.

Lemme know if that's specific enough or if you want to know any other details.

It's not very clear but you you need to time consecutive button presses with the sound/light effect. Working to improve communicating that sort of stuff better and a couple of other things, in an update soon.

Really love that you can establish orbits, and the presentation is great! Really nice audio design to make everything pop.

Ah thanks for letting me know, I think I've seen that once during the brief testing I did before submission too. I'll look into it