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Critical Deluxe

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Sun Kossed

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Now -these- are cuties.

Fun gameplay, amazing art and music. The opening felt a bit rushed and confusing. The main character's weird mouth got distracting. 

To increase or gain. 

Sorry, but it doesn't. Every synonym I can think of, of nothingness based on the idea of "increment" doesn't make a word/phrase in the box. I'm trying, but it's just not making sense to me. It's just a shame if there's no answer key since  it cuts me off from the rest of the demo so soon.

So I like the presentation. But I can't get past the first puzzle. The hints don't really help. Is there a walkthough?

I already gave my feedback on the survey, but just wanted to say I loved this! Looking forward to future releases from you.

I agree the second puzzle jumped up too quickly in difficulty, but it's not too hard on it's own. Once you see all the numbers inside the train cars, all the information you need to get the combination is on the tablet.