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With all these videos, you basically advertised my game jam as well! Thanks! :)

Ok! :)

Sounds good! But why not on

On It is too late now since my phone didn't notify me about your reply! :(

Not trying to rush you or anything, but, I have a flight to catch tomorrow. Will the apk for this game be ready until this evening? :D

No problem! :)

Now that I think of it, it does have something to do with RESOURCE MANAGEMENT! Some of the platforms fall down when you jump on them! :D

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I have one question! What does your game have to do with RESOURCE MANAGEMENT? I like the game a lot though! :)

ok xD

ok, can't wait! :p

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When is the Android and IOS version coming out! I HAVE NOTHING TO PLAY ON MOBILE AND I WANT TO PLAY YOUR GAME! :D

If you manage to make it for android, than congrats! :)

When I load it up there is only an empty scene! Did you include all the required files such as Mono or UnityCrashHandler?

Looks pretty fun! Unfortunately I couldn't really figure out how to play the game! But still, great job! :D

Very happy to hear that! :)

If this was for mobile... IT WOULD HAVE BEEN AWESOME! :p

Thanks so much for playing and recording it! :D

As I said in the new topic "News", I couldn't find any time to make my game. That's why I had to make the jam longer! :)


I had to extend the time until the deadline since I couldn't find any time to make my own game. Even tough I can simply edit when the jam starts, I still couldn't because I had already done that 2 times. If I would have delayed it even more, people would start quitting!

HKJ Game Jam #1 community · Created a new topic News

What's new in this jam?

Great game! :)

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Not after the submission time. After this you can still publish it on any website you want. But not on this game jam!

Of course! :)

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You have to wait for the voting to end! Else you will get more downloads on your game. A.K.A. cheating!

No problem! :)

Hmm, maybe! I'm not sure though! The game must resemble around the not running out of resources. Maybe make it so that you don't run out of keys to open all the other doors. Maybe make it so that some of the keys spawn in some locked rooms. :)


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Dema studios the game is evaluated by the amount of ratings it has!

The THEME will be announced shortly!

Mohammadasd, you must make your own assets! You are only allowed to use the default stacks as "Free Assets". :)

You can make a spinoff of another game and you can use 2D and 3D. You can also use any stack you want including FPSController.prefab. :)

You export the file to some platforms of your choice and you just click "Submit" where the join button is right now. :)

HKJ is in my online name CristiHKJ. There's no other reason. :)

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The theme will be announced when the jam starts. :)

Nice job, Noa! :)

A great game with great visuals! I loved the ending! :)

Be sure to give us some feedback in the comments