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I really enjoyed this game and I will play it more! The art is nice and it feels awesome! :)

Can you also play my game? Here's the link to it. Be sure to ask me any questions if you didn't understand something! I hope you enjoy it!

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Thanks for playing the game! Next time I won't be busy with exams. I will rate your game tomorrow because I don't have time right now.

Hey Zk! I got notified about your new game! I played it and it's very mysterious... I didn't get anything from it! No story... No plot... just mystery...

When you get slow, you have to go to the Hallway and jump down. This will end the game and the bug.

Thanks for playing! :)

Thanks Zk'! Unfortunately I didn't have time for music. I finished it 10 seconds before going to eat and then I had piano lessons. When I got back home, there were only 15 minutes left and the game was already published. I'm looking forward to expand the game of you want! :)

Again, thanks!

I don't think I'm able to make pixel art in a frame that's bigger than 124 px. :/

So 2000 ain't an option in the next Mathf.Infinity() years. :)

I will make the characters probably this weekend. I had about 9 hours of work today. It was stressful and annoying.

I forgot posting the theme as it was too busy for me today. Read the front page again!!!

I'm also interesting in knowing if you could advertise this game jam! Not asking for attention or anything, but more than 20 submissions would be nice! :)

If you do it I will give you some more pixel art characters.

Note that making the characters will take some time due to the fact that I have to animate them as well!

No problem! First you have to tell me what type of characters you want me to make! How they look like and stuff like that! :D

The second round will start soon! Don't miss out on this MAGNIFICENT (sarcasm not included) Game Jam "HKJ Game Jam"!
Who knows... maybe you'll be the winner

Since you're the winner, I have to give you a prize!

The prize is 5 animated pixel art characters. Again, this is only if you need help with pixel art!

Are you interested? :)

BTW the second round will start in a few days!

With all these videos, you basically advertised my game jam as well! Thanks! :)

Thanks so much for playing and recording it! :D

I had to extend the time until the deadline since I couldn't find any time to make my own game. Even tough I can simply edit when the jam starts, I still couldn't because I had already done that 2 times. If I would have delayed it even more, people would start quitting!

HKJ Game Jam #2 community · Created a new topic News

What's new in this jam?

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Not after the submission time. After this you can still publish it on any website you want. But not on this game jam!

Of course! :)

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You have to wait for the voting to end! Else you will get more downloads on your game. A.K.A. cheating!

No problem! :)

Hmm, maybe! I'm not sure though! The game must resemble around the not running out of resources. Maybe make it so that you don't run out of keys to open all the other doors. Maybe make it so that some of the keys spawn in some locked rooms. :)


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Dema studios the game is evaluated by the amount of ratings it has!