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Thanks for playing!

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Hi! Thank you very much!

You can adjust mouse sensitivity in the help screen, by pressing H.

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Thank you! And thanks for the feedback. The Pyramids are not supposed to have any collisions, last minute decision, technical problems and I didn't have enough time to do what I really wanted, which was to make them into mini levels. Kudos to Andrew for the nice OST and SFX : ) And yeah, I see how that ending can feel hasty, but it's a jam, I simply didn't have enough free time to polish it. The minimalism of the level was intentional, I did put everything that mattered near each other.


Thank you very much!

Thanks for letting me know. By the way, seems like I need to adjust the mouse sensitivity! Gonna fix that and upload new builds soon.

Awesome! Thanks for playing! Seems like I need to adjust the mouse sensitivity! Gonna fix that and upload new builds soon.

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Hi, it works fine on my Mac. What macOS version are you using? This was built on 10.13.6 (High Sierra). Also, try downloading it again and or unzipping the game with Keka (it's free and open source if you download it right from their website or GitHub page).

Thanks for playing!


Finally finished Beyond The Sky for A Game By It's Cover!

Beyond The Sky is a space opera single player exploration game about escaping a dystopian world to find thrilling new adventures among the stars.

I did! Thank you so much for taking the time to play my game! I'm gonna fix that nasty resolution/aspect ration next time!

Hi. I'm new to jams, this is my second one, I just want to know if there is no voting on this jam in particular, since I saw none yet.

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Made as part of PROCJAM. Try to decipher a cryptic, asynchronous and simple story with multiple runs of this short procedurally generating exploration experiment.

Thank you!

Oh I see, thanks for the feedback. With the feedback I've got until now, the narrow walkway seems like part of a bigger problem in the design in which I simply hadn't the time to elaborate or fix. I'll certainly be mindful of that for a next project or if a pursue this one.


A Matter Of Perspective is a small challenging puzzle game about taking a different angle at problems. Made as part of the Pastel Jam!

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Unfortunately, no. I tried, but I was not happy with the quality of the final result, also a lot of time put into resolution and aspect ratio would be needed.

Thank you very much! I might revise that kind of walkway and motion or at least give options and introduce new perspectives in case I pursue this concept and make a proper game out of this.

Thank you!

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: ( 

Pay attention to the red things and how they align in relation to other things as you move the camera around, then press "E" when you feel like you figured it out .

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Yeah, I didn't had the time to do a proper "player teaching" design : ( The best I could do with the time I had was the quick instructions and the name of the game as hints of what to do. So I used this as an excuse for difficulty haha. I had little time to work on it, same with the music, rushed, glad the music at least fulfilled it's purpose.

About falling off, the character doesn't "slide off", I discovered that this is an illusion, a byproduct that occurs when you make a game with solid color and no shadows, really interesting. To test this, when you start the game, never touch the mouse and only press W, 95% of the time, if gravity doesn't sway you off too much when you land, you go straight.

But overall, it was really fun making it, my first game jam and probably will not be the last : ) Loved it. Thanks for hosting!

And thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, color theory is a life long process. This is really helpful indeed, thanks for sharing.

Nice! Inkscape was the first vector app I've ever used, 11 years ago, and sparkled my love for graphic design. Even tho I don't use it anymore, it has a special place in my heart : )

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My favorites are:

Free: (Web App) - Great app, really easy to use (you just hit spacebar to generate a new palette) you can match up to 5 colors in harmony and manipulate them however you like, with some interesting features like locking one color and getting the others to match it (and matching the locked one settings too). If you want to create an account, you can save all your palettes, or do some screen caps also does the job : )

Paid: Aseprite's RGB and RYB color wheels - Just amazing, does everything an awesome color harmony wheel should do, with the most common presets available like complementary, triads, etc, you can also create and load presets.

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Oh I see, thank you, I didn't know that, also I never participated in a Jam before and I'm thinking about doing my first one, and this one seems like a possible good fit.

About the location, I'm from Brazil, GMT-3.

Thanks again.

Pastel Jam! community · Created a new topic Which timezone?


Friday at 4:00 PM to Sunday at 5:00 PM but of which timezone?