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I Loved The Game!It Was Amazing!


Mind Telling Me How?

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Just Finished The Game, Loved It!

The art was amazing!

Is it ok if I were to  record this game and post it on youtube?

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Found This In The Water, Who's That? 

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I LOVED This Game!

It Was Really Fun To Play!

But I Just Can't Seem To Get The Good End, Could You Perhaps Give A Hint Of Some Sort?

Please Mae More Games Like These!


This Game Was Amazing!

However, I Discovered Something And Wanted To Let You Know That If You Go To The Graphics And Audio Folders,

There Are Images And Audio That Are For The RPG Maker,

If You Delete Them, The Game Isn't Effected, And The Folder Size Gets Smaller By 100+MB.

However, Deleting In-Game Graphics Cause An Error.

Thank You!

This Game Was So Awesome!

I Absolutely Loved It!

I Loved This Game! Had So Much Fn Playing It!!!

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I Loved This Game!

It Was Beautiful!

This Game's Awesome

I Loved This!

Your Games Always Cheer Me Up :)

Thank You For Making Such Amazing Things.

This Was Nice.

I've Never Been To Shrine, Ever...

So This Was A First

This Was Such An Amazing Game!!!

I Played It Like 6 Times Now To Finally Be Able To Not Get The Loan.

Really Loved It, Thanks For Making This

Dang You've Really Outdone Yourself

Just Finished Playing The Game.

Your Game Stories Are So Wholesome And Heartwarming.

Can't Stop Playing Your Games. 

That's Cool, I Really Love The Games You Make.

They Are So Unique And Amazing.

You Really Inspire Me To Become A Game Dev When I Grow Up

This Is An Amazing Game.

Could You Please Tell Which Engine You Used To Make This?

I Just Finished Playing It, It Was So Dang AWESOME!!

It Took Me A While To Figure It Out But Was Definitely Worth It 

Thanks For Tellin

Loved The Game, The Way The Game Played And The Story Were Very Interesting.

Can You Please Tell What Programs Did U Use To Make This?