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The game looks great and plays pretty well but can be difficult to a point where it's hard to play very long. The sound of the clock is nice but the lack of music and other sound leaves it kind of empty.

The art and sound of this game are really fantastic and work together well. The gameplay, while seemingly impossible to get to the end, is engaging and controls pretty well. The only thing this game could really use is some music.

This game is gonna give me carpal tunnel. The generation is impressive but ultimately doesn't make for a very fun game. Art and sound are decent.

If you can figure out the controls it works pretty well for what it is, but the character is prone to flying off-screen and not coming back. Art is endearing but the gameplay is lacking.

While there isn't much to this game is has some things going for it; the music is bangin', the game runs well with the theme, and core gameplay idea is fun to interact with. However, it could have used a little work overall, as the art of the platforms themselves and the environment are rather spartan and the procedural generation could prove to be impossible to overcome at times - especially when paired with the buggy controls. 

The controls are tight, the art is good, and the design is solid. The game is fun to play but the synchronization between the icons and the song weren't quite right, even after restarting several times. Theme has more to do with time itself than running out of it, but works pretty well. Each component of the game came together well, displaying a good idea of scope management.

The art is made with love but the game has some problems with jerky controls and lack of sound. It seems to be a product of compromise, as what's left here from what was imagined doesn't leave the design in a very good spot; if I hadn't seen you make it I'd have no idea what to do.

To install, make sure the Khnum's Emnity Data folder inside of the data folder is adjacent to the .exe file.