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Bien de bien!

Loved it. You managed the scope really well. The game feels polished and the boss fight was really fun.
One thing I noticed is a slight lag the first time I shot a new weapon o saw a new explosion. I noticed the same in the TPS demo. I wonder if it's the particle shader being compiled at the point of first use or the lighting. Maybe there's a way to have it preprocessed

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Legatum is  local multiplayer accion game where 2 players (Raiders) battle against a boss (Guardian) controlled by a third. The published version is our first public prototype based on feedback from different events and is free to play.
The release version will include  several guardians, arenas and raiders to choose from. A free version will also be released with limited content.

Get it here:

Rally cool. Played all the levels. It looks really pretty. 

Sometimes Juan would jump vertically without being able to move him to the sides. It was the only bug I found. Not sure when it happened exactly, though.

Pichón is a puzzle platformer where you play as a chubby bird that's constantly bouncing. Fast reflex and good timing will allow you to sort obstacles, activate secret passages and collect the necessary gems to be able to open the door at the end of each level.

It's coming out later today with a 40% launch discount and includes steam keys.

[Sale Link] [ page]

This happened to me too today. Nintendo Switch version but I was offline so I couldn't send the error report.


In the latest version a entered with an archer, got a knight and at some point I don't know what happened but it never switched back to the knight until the archer died.

I finally managed to beat the boss. It'd be nice to have a speedrun mode with leaderboards.

I'd really love to play this on the go. Maybe you could have a free version with a limited amount of lives per day and only the base hero and a paid version that works just like this one.

I love the new version! The timing on the traps works great, especially when there are two or three together that come out at different times.

I noticed the glow changes, but as you said, it's subtle and it doesn't actually tell you which button to press. I like it :)

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I love it! Add a leaderboard if you can.

I didn't know about One Finger Death Punch but I think this one's better for the following reasons:

  • One hit death KO for you player makes you feel you survive because you're better than the AI and not because you have more hitpoints. It feels more hardcore.
  • The fact that you don't get any notification when an enemy enters the attack area makes it feel less like a QTE game and more like an action game, especially with the 2HP guy that may be kicked slightly out of the circle making you miss if you don't pay attention.
  • Better enemy design. "There's a ninja coming and two karate guys. Do I kill the karate guys first or by that time the ninja will arrive and kill me? What if it's the other way around?" and maybe it's the flying kick guy who kills you while focusing on those three.
  • The art style is much, much better. It's coherent, the characters don't look like placeholders compared to the backgrounds, the UI is more streamlined and it doesn't have more "juiciness" than necessary.

If you can add more content without breaking the core mechanics this can be a great game for Steam.

No te puedo pagar por paypal pero a otros aca en itch si, calculo que sera por la restriccion de envios de argentino a argentino. Tenes algun otro medio de pago disponible? Sino te lo acerco en persona en algun evento. Saludos, muy copado el juego.