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  • So, I just beat the game, it took me like, multiple days, and I really like it, I love it. Here's some suggestions.
  • Make the Escape key a pause menu, instead of have it close out of the current game, I have hit it so many times on accident.
  • When you fight the final boss, open up the whole map so you can fight him through the whole thing.
  • Make the green guys worth 50, the purple worth 100, make the orange worth 150.
  • Connected to the last one, make the green guys the most common spawn, make the purple guys half as common as the green, and make the orange guys half as common as the purple ones.
  • Have a more diverse gun selection. An EMP gun, which disables the alien's guns within a certain radius. A gatling gun. Make the assault rifle stack ammo, only that gun though.
  • When fighting the final boss, when he's at full health, only have him spawn the green dudes, and til he's at 2/3 of his heath, have him spawn the green dudes. From 2/3 of his health, to 1/3 of his health, have him spawn the purple guys, and from 1/3 of his health to dead, have him only spawn the orange dudes.
  • Have an Easter Egg for when you hit a UFO (which is really hard to do in the first place, believe me I've tried). Either have it drop health or money or ammo.
  • Have some of the dudes drop ammo when you kill them, this would make the game so much easier.
  • Have a vending machine that spits out power ups for 2000, either increasing your max ammo on a certain gun, give you a shield system (which can take a couple hits before it cuts into your health, like in the new Doom), increasing your max health to like 7. A 10 second invincibility that you can activate anywhere with a certain button, that you can only use once per mission.
  • Add a crouching mechanic, so you can press Control and have it make you crouch, I don't see a scenario where this would be useful, but it would be cool to have.
  • Make it so cars don't have such a square hitbox, and as well as trees. You should be able to shoot over the hood of the car, but it just disappears, scoop out the hitbox to dip on the hood and the rear.

That's really all I can think of when it comes to this game. I hope I gave some good suggestions, I hope some of these get implemented into the game, thank you for your time and this amazing game, have a good day/night