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Rated :)

I like that you didn't use a game engine to make this! Good job :)

Done! Rated :)

I couldn't figure out how to open the game :( I can't find any .exe file

Thank you! I will check out your game now as well :)

Thank you for your feedback very much! I will improve in the future, I promise :D

Thank you very much! :)

All answers were false, so you couldn't answer correctly even if you wanted to. Thank you for your comment though <3 I really did put to much time into art :D

Thank you :D If you still want to, you can try downloading .zip file here:

Really good, quick and fun game :D

Thank you for your feedback <3

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Thank you <3 Rated yours as well!

Interesting and fun :)

Check out my game as well!

I liked everything about this game! And the music was so calming in my opinion :)

Please consider rating my game as well :)


Don't forget to rate my game as well if you can! :D

No problem! Thank you as well :)

I need just a couple more ratings!

Mine needs only 5 more!

Very nice graphics! Loved it!

Rate my game as well if you can :D

Rated! :)

First time I played a game with such style :D Interesting!

Really clean and fun platformer. The graphics are simple but very pleasing!

Can you please rate my game as well? Thank you :)


My entry:

Zip version:

Very smooth game! Love it!

Please, consider  rating mine as well :)

Great idea and a great game! Rated!

Can you rate my game as well? :)

Rated yours already!

Rated! :)

Yours was much fun! Good job! Rated!

A really great game!

Thank you! Yeah, I wasn't entirely happy with wizard's combat system as well :) Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you for the feedback!! I appreciate comments like this! You are awesome! ;) 

I liked it :)

A very well done game :)

Rated! :) It's good you work to make your game better!

Nice one!

Thank you very much for feedback! You are awesome! I will try the program out for sure :)

Yeah, I remember you :D

Please, rate it :D

Her is mine :D