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Thanks for the feedback! Initially, this game was made for local multiplayer for 2 players. That's why there are two separate character to control. And when the players merge together, they have to work together to control the "big guy" :). But I didn't have much time to make "How to play" menu, so that's on me. But thank you!

Thanks I will!

Thank you very much! :)

Just remember to focus on learning one thing at the time. Besides, the more you learn, the easier it'll be to create cool games! Good luck :)

A perfect game! I loved the music, graphics, controls, concept, main menu, and you even made a bad-ass settings menu! I am proud of you :D

Cool game and concept. Simple graphics that fit perfectly here. But the game itself was really short and didn't have an introduction/tutorial.

Thank you! The music was lit though :D

Really cool game! The simple art-style was perfect, and movement felt also very smooth. The map was also huge, which is good thing. Sometimes it was boring to wonder around and look for things, but when I got familiar with the map, it got a little easier (so maybe just stressful for beginners?). I also didn't hear any background music, just coin sounds and thunder sometimes. But a really nice game overall!


A nice game :) Some things were missing though, that would make a great addition to the game:

- Music and sounds (I didn't hear anything. I even had to test my headphones to make sure that they worked).

- It felt like I was moving on ice. It was hard to control, and I often ended up "sliding" into the enemies. For this kind of games, I prefer snappy movement, where the player can 100% feel and control the player.

- And maybe make that the player needs to defeat all the enemies before reaching the finishing line (because now I could just run through the enemies and complete the level)

Additionally, better graphics and animations would also be cool, but I think first it is important to focus on these three things above :)

Thanks for the feedback! The jetpack was intentionally made this way so that the player would not be able to fly across the whole map :)

Really a great game in such a short time! I loved the music and I wonder how you made it. Did you use any special program? Overall, controls and visuals are great as well. One thing I missed is audio when turrets are shooting and when enemies die (or maybe I didn't hear it?).  Excellent job!

Thank you :)

Jepp, I was already doing it :D

A cool platformer game, I liked it :) The music was also very good. Animations would be a great addition to the game. And maybe a storyline or atleast a backstory on why the player is stuck in a eternal level. Keep up the good work!

Thank you for great feedback! I will improve tutorials in my future projects! Thank you :)

Yeah, it is a problem that I was not able to fix in time, but I will patch it up in the future! Thank you for your feedback :)

Really nice and well polished game! Everything fits perfectly, and I also liked the rewind effect that I also wanted to implement in my game, but didn't manage to do it duo to time restrictions. What makes this game even more interesting is that the player him-/herself sets the difficulity by choosing the right path/way! Excellent job!

I have nothing to add, just a perfect game here :)

It says that I can not load it, even though I downloaded both files :( I get an error

Beautiful game! Music and the art style fit perfectly. It never got boring, so that is why I completed all of the levels. Really cool concept as well, where you push around people to make your way somewhere, just like in real parties XD Great job!

Really good idea! The buttons were sometimes hard to click on, and maybe having some fun animation in the background instead of just a blue screen would made the game more alive. Good effort though :)

Nice! And remember to make enemies or bullets clearly visible for the player as well!

I completed it :) Really fun and simple game that fits to the rewind theme as well :D

Thank you so much!

This shows that a game can be great without amazing graphics. Personally, I liked this game more than Fortnite XD  But really amazing job! I liked that I could create my own levels (or edit them at least) :)

Thanks :)

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Really nice game, specially interesting with a storyline. This game gave me good old "Bounce" vibes though :O

Thank you very much! :)

Yeah I liked them, but could been better with some minor animations maybe? And maybe make the bullets look better? Because now it was only red circles with "X" inside and purple (almost invisible) bullets. But spaceships looked great! Keep up the work!

I just loved the game! Everything 10/10 and full score! Just remember that I was here before this game became popular on Steam ;)

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Thank you for great feedback! I used Command Pattern (if you are familier with it), so that I could store all my commands in a list and then replay them, but this also meant that I had to implement my own physics (such as gravity and collitions). This made it weard then it collided to the ceiling, but I also thought it was funny XD Thank you for your comment though, and of course I will check your game out!

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Thank you for the feedback! I will improve this game in the future :) I couldn't find the reason why clones moved faster, so you could say it's a bug, but I though it would also make for a great challenge. But I will probably patch it up in the future ;)

P.S. I will try your game next week when I come home, because the laptop that I have with me now can't handle your game's graphics XD

I would like to play and rate your game, but I can't open .rar files on this PC. Could you send me .zip file of this game by any chance? :) Thanks

Thank you! I was really proud of this godly beat myself XD

Thank you for awesome feedback! :)

But it was cool though :D

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The idea is amazing! Sound effects are also awesome! If you could polish this game it would be really cool! Great job :)

P.S. I laughed when I saw the WW2 soldiers' pixel art XD So different from the player's pixel art.

Thanks ;)

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Amazing game, concept and music! I loved the main menu (it was not just me who was hearing that godly voice, right?). And I liked that the controls were on the side of the screen, so I never forgot what to press. Very well done :)