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I am still in need of voice actors!
I need voice actors for:

-Izanagi (Teen male, high voice)

-Mitsuko (Adult female, calm voice)

-Sooraj (Briefly in game) (Adult female, calm voice)

If you are interested, reply to this!

Hello Beria! I'm glad that your interested in the game! I showed my team your voice demos and we love your demo! Consider yourself part of the project! If I could chat with you over email or any other type of site so I can send you lines and you can send me the audio files, that would be fantastic!

Welcome to the BB project!


Game in development! I am still in need of voice actors for Izanagi, Chika, and Mitsuko (and a surprise character). If you would like to try out, reply to this message! I will be posting some progress pictures!

Hello everyone. My team is in need of some voice actors. All you have to really do, I make noises, such as a scream, or a confused noise.
I need volunteers since I don't have the ability to give out payments. If you would like to audition for a part, that would be splendid. Just reply to this or shoot me a message. My team will decide on the voice actors and we will send you a message if you are chosen. Even if you do not make the cut, you will be put in the credits along with the chosen voice actors and such.

-Thank you for following the development of BB.

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About The Game

Bittersweet Beginning is a Visual Novel made with TyranoBuilder, created by two digital artists. The main characters in the story are Chika, and Izanagi. Chika is the princess of a peaceful species, called Shikuzesa, while Izanagi is a 'normal' kid just trying to fit in. This game dives into the journey of two unlikely friends trying to find their way through their new lives, and trying to become accepted in society.

About The Devs

This game is programmed and developed by two friends, who are both digital artists

Cressfall101- Main game artists, Game developer and tester

Daylight2020- Concept art developer, assisted developing and testing

-We hope you enjoy our game, and if you have suggestions, bug problems, or are willing to help fix up the game after production, give us a message.


Chika- Princess of the Shikuzesa race, on a planet named _______. Mother and Father are unknown. Short, with cream colored hair and dark skin

Izanagi- Schoolboy in the town Chika ends up in. Very shy, young, and plays pan flute.

Mitsuko- Izanagi's lovable mother, who treats Izanagi like a child, which gets Izanagi embarrassed. Protective, but still gives him freedom.


Chika's Voice-

Izanagi's Voice-

Mitsuko's Voice-

Background Voices-

Background Music-

Character Designs- Cressfall101 and Daylight2020

Background Designs- Cressfall101

Game Concept- Cressfall101 and Daylight2020

Program- TyranoBuilder