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Haha, no problem! I think the reason I couldn't get a happy ending before is because I started Tocchan's route in the demo then continued it in the beta, so it was a little bugged and I didn't see all his important events or I just thought I was utterly terrible at the game lol. But Shiba's route went perfectly, since I started it in the beta, so I figured the whole cheat thing out quickly enough! :D <3  (This game is amazing already btw. Thank you so much for it! Can't wait for the full release!!! *squeals*)

Ah! Nevermind! I answered my own question by getting a best ending finally!!
Cheats unlock when you get a character's best ending, in case anyone else was wondering. Then when you next start a new game, PonPon will automatically start breaking the 4th wall to let you know about cheats. <3

Are cheats available after bad endings? Because uhm...I'm apparently awful at this game. xD