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please update who cares about nintendo canceling it

i like this game

it works for me and my friend

Thank you, When it loads in portrait mode, i dont know what is wrong. I tested it on my Android device and it just launcher correctly. Do you have Portrait-Only mode enabled?

cool, might need some improvement though

The getting stuck on edges is not a bug, but thank you for liking the music! 

Hello! Thank you for the review. Im working on dep brothers 3. i will fix bugs there and change graphics,

how to plant stuff

Thanks, im working on Dep Brothers 3, It will have like, 9 worlds

The getting stuck on edges is not a bug, but i might remove it, it is also named 'Annoying block' and 'Weird Ground' i lost the project files so i need to look for them, You can press Left or right, atleast the oppisite direction of where you are stuck, and then you are good, im also very sorry for bad controls

Thanks, i lost the project file but i will try to update

because android is still in beta, i will fix it later

Its one of my first platformers sorry for bad controlls


i love the goose

i absolutelly love Max (i named the goose max) 

Using Microsoft.VisualBasic
Using System.Collections
Using System.Collections.Generic
Public Class GooseLove {
if (ThePersonWhoWritesThisComment.Loves = TheGoose){

Press  and hold ESC

Hold ESC

Thanks for playing

Aesome game

rip Dep Brothers

Re-open the app

You may have S enabled

He used C#

The .goos file contains it if im correct

He may

This app is currently only available for Windows, Because its probably the easiest platform. But maybe the creator will at it for other platforms? Its only 4 days old

to change the key, edit the codes using a editor

Nice app

Open the .zip file, click Desktop Goose.exe and click extract

Open Goose Desktop.exe

Hold esc, if you do it for long enough it will say keep holding ESC, keep holding and hes gone ):

Can you add if you right click there is an exit button

Best app ever

Sorry my audio file was gone

Press space to jump

lol this is awesome

Can you make it possible to play with a switch pro controller?

How did you make a NES cartridge?

looks cute