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It would be better with some lolis in there, but Patreon doesn't allow it. Good game anyway

A really good game. Awesome story, good overall gameplay and one of the better characters I've seen ever. They're charismatic, they're good developed and their skin and animations are simply perfect. 

10/10 i hope to see you next game.

Sure, np. If in the future you play it, im sure you'll like it

I recommend you his previous game too. It's the same visual style and is so good too. 

It's called Once In A Life Time

And that one is finished

The more i play this, the more i think Caribdis is a true genius. 

It's sooooo good. 

Just like OIALT. 

if i could give 10 stars, i would give you 15

I have really enjoyed Solaris Exodus, so I'm waiting for your next project. Also, i appreciate your way of thinking, although i hope it doesn't give you financials issues. 

Well, i just buy it. Considering your previous games, i think i will enjoy it

I hope this game can finish without problema. I really enjoyed the first version. 

I've already read the Patreon post. This is awesome. For me it would be okay too if you took time off to play Elden Ring or just relax. 

Anyway, your game is awesome, so don't worry about improving constantly. 

Have a nice day

This game is awesome. I love almost everything in it. The characters, the art style, all. If i would say something bad, would be the combat interface, and that's only at the beginning. 

Awesome game, awesome work.

Have a nice day. 

A loli would be good in this art style

Good game so far

It crash every time. I suppose i will try the next version

shit. Well, i will have to play it again (again) 


I messed up somehow or the image of noriko sucking mc cock is for the future updates?

there are more paths, because i got the first one you mentioned this time

i see. Well, i hope there will be. Anyway, as always, you do a good job. Keep it up bro and have a good day. 

I'm loving the art style of the characters already, and the history looks good so far. 

I have one question thought. Will be there a character with small boobs? I don't mean flat or childish, just something more accurate of what tou could see in the street. I like big boobs, but small and normal are good to. 

If not, meh. I will keep enjoying your damm good work. 

Have a nice day 😄

Its not abandoned (supposedly) but the dev is not in a position where he can give his all to development. At least, thats what the said long ago

you have to do the corrup rute but dont kiss her in the train

i'm willing to see more. But since i have completed Once in a Lifetime, i'm pretty sure this game will be awesome.

The 0.5 will be free?

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Well. We have reached the end. I'm happy that i could see how this awesome game was being created by a Master like Caribsis. I hope to see some of your new work soon. Have a good day. 

I will play it right now. Congratulations for a full release. I hope to see new things soon about you.

It looks good. If it's free at some point. I will play it for sure. If not, when i have a job. Anyway, i hope it's a successful project like this one. 

I can't wait to see 1.0 (I guess this version is the latest in the game). As soon as it is published I will play it. And once it's finished, I hope you continue to develop games like this. I loved it very much. Have a nice day 😄

And the free version i. July or so? 

Also, as i said before, amazing game

The full game build will be eventually free?

Have you tried the antivirus service? In my pc, Windows Defender identifies all this tipe of games as malware, so it could be possible yours too

Okay, as i said it's totally okay. It's your game after all, it wouldn't be okay to demand something you're not okay doing. I appreciate that you take the time to answer the comments and message here, so thank you 😄

And, even though it may be repetitive, good job. It's a great game.