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Hey Dynewulf, in the FAQ it stated that there will be a route for richard, im just curious if you had a date of when you might start that route, I looked through your comments and didnt really seem to find an answer. I know your busy with the other main characters, but i dont know if your looking for a good time to start it, or if you had a time/date planned. It seems like it could be a good route like the others :3

Love the game and keep up the good work! :D

so pretty much what happened was i made a new world and went to go look at the controls, and i accidentally pressed save instead of exit, and it bugged out my game to where the window was its normal size, but the game wasn't covering the entire window size.

Then i went to the graphics tab to see if i could fix it, so i put it in full screen, and it looked like it was fixed

but when i went to continue, the size of the game screen it was,  when it bugged out, it pretty much wouldn't let me click on anything outside of it, basically i couldn't click on the graphics, options, bug report, or exit game tab, even though i was in full screen. it was like clicking outside of the a window, but i was in full screen

I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it and nothing changed

the menu works fine accept for the actual game

so now i cant get out of full screen because i cant click on the graphics menu

and when i play, the area i cant click on is still there, when i move my camera around, my mouse will appear in the area and if i click there the sound will just cut out

sorry if i explained this very badly, i suck at explaining things LOL