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Help, how do I play this game?

Ciao, Empathy Wave!

Hope y'all have a having a good day. I just have an issue and a question about the game.

The first issue: the Controls page is way too zoomed in, thus I can't see the first parts and last parts of the headings and sentences. It also seems I can't see the rest of the instructions as well.:(

Here's a screenshot:

The first question: I noticed that on the Controls page that the game is labelled as a demo. Would this explain why I can only move around in the Docks area, why locations and character names don't come up, and can't go to locations such as Piccolo Panetteria?

It's a lovely game so far, though. I love the cute art style, the story is quite interesting, and the game mechanic is unique and cool!

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Sorry about the late reply. I kept on forgetting to reply to you! I'm not entirely sure, but I think my aspect ratio is 1366 x 768.

Hi! I tried to play the game, but it came up with this:



Unfortunately, there seems to be a problem with this game. Whenever I press the TAB button, the lighting plan never comes up. I downloaded this game twice to make sure it was working properly. However, I'm not too sure whether it's just my computer at fault here either.


I tried to download your game, but it failed because my computer detected a virus.