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i realized that but when i finished my mechanic i was kinda demotivated and just placed the spikes randomly so yea thought of making an easy mode but again i was demotivated on this game 

yea...they exist you prob didnt notice tho bc i only made a few finished spikes and like 3 white bc i realized the game was already too hard and i didnt rly have time or motivation the game  was supposed to be a platformer but the restriction kiinda ruined that

also it is possble i made it only 1ce tho ._.

yes i have spent a tiiny bit of time on your game (why did i do this again)


1.controlls are rly hard kinda whierd (inc fov)

and i got confused in the first 5 secs ._.

still nice game tho idk how to fix those problems bc i have no idea bout 3d (i even screwed up copy pasting code for 3d)

yea i  mean i  wanted to use the switch mechanic more but when i implemented the "finished" spikes i realized damn this is already hard af and just did a few "unfinished" spikes since i rly didnt have time

nice game that actually fits my humor (weather thats a good or bad thing)

only problem i have  is bc its 3d with a non moveable camera i couldent see if i could land on something or if i was behind it (could also be bc i never play 3d games and my eyes are terrible)

good job

you cant but thats a good  idea idk how i would give  the player a reason to do so tho

kinda a flaw in my pixel art .-.

uh so

jump is kinda annoying and feels wrong

the enemys take too long to kill like the gigant gigants need a billion hits with that cooldown nah

collisions bit whierd and i sugdest that you make a physics mat 2d and make the  friction 0 put that  on everything

the slap is also annoying bc you can only do it if you stay still  arent in the air and its very short range 

and i dont know of the rest of  the game bc i wont spend 10 mins clicking shoot on 2 different enemys

uh so just try to make the health a bit lower no one likes to click for 10 mins

nice but... i would like to use WASD to move just arrow keys makes this harder n not in the fun way

but otherwise nice

nice the concept fits my rly dark humor lmao

uh and its actualy fun to just jump around and stab yourself to fly up

or in my case veery far down into hell

nice game but now i have carpel tunnel from spamming my spacebar

uh yea tbh not much to say the art was nice the music was nice and the shooting was alright

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wait jus realized forgot to publically rate 5/5 

uh so idk if chrome is just being whierd but i cant fullscreen the game

i mean i do the same just when i have time i mean i had to delay my  comments games for a bit bc i rly didnt have time irl but if that happens i just  play em a few days later 

its just a rly bad feeling i get when i dont play someone's game .-.

dont have to be sorry its still a good game  and graphics where also very nice 

and wow giving the other monzilla's an ai that actually helps you instead  of just backup lives  is actually smart good job

this game is  just like idk what to say nice work

music is good art is good shooting is nice good job man

only thing i would like to say is like you got a good shooting mechanic why not use it more like if you kill a fire mage it drops like a note if you want to expand the story or just a picture of him or just like a small upgrade and adds like a fun mechanic if you just want  to play the game and find secrets like that instead of winning it would also be like a "you dont have to find it but it would be fun"

5/5 stars

nice game 

short and sweet

only problem tho uh it was kinda hard to hit buildings even when i jumped bc i was too small and it  was kinda yea now i have to loose blood and become bigger.kinda annoying sometimes but otherwise actually good game

uh i would like to play this game but i have no idea with wich app i should open .7z files .-.

thanks :D

the paths are actually interesting i of course directly went to murder and "fell asleep again"

uh yea good job :)

working on a tutorial

more levels coming soon i have hard mode with 6 levels atm so be hyped i guess :)

hmm yea ill keep working on the game (solo) and good idea ill think about it

yea im working on more levels atm and they are gonna be a bit harder since we originally planned to make easy and hard  levels 

my teammate  did the easy levels and i did the hard levels

to sum it up we didnt have time and the hard levels got cut out 

now i have all the time i want so i can bring them back

yea im aware of that glich im trying to patch  it but i have more important stuff to fix in the game like more levels and audio

ok then i originally planed to make  more hard levels soo yea im working on it think im done like soon 1-2 days or so

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nice game 

few problem tho

1 go against the wall nope you will fall thru the map

2 reach distance

3 place the camera like a bit higher and make that you can look up and down was a bit hard looking where im going and if i can hit the enemys

oh and btw you can check out my game if you want

what do you use maybe i can try making it for your OS?

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bruh ok no joke this is one of the best games ive ever played

like it even has a story like... what 

only thing that is kinda annojing the glapple hooks are kinda broken and i had to restart everything bc i got stuck on the grapplers without me pressing space but otherwise a really good game

this deserves more respect 

my game:

dont know what to say like tutorial gameplay  art everything is perfect

btw i also made a game that you can play if you want

nice game more i cant say ill 100% recommend this to my friend

btw you could also try my game

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game was  fun but i dont see the theme in there

and also play  my game if you want not forcing you tho


i really enjoyed this game at fist  you can just attack the enemys without any combination but in the later levels you have to pull out some strats and then also the fact that you shouldent do over damage makes it a bit more interesting

takes a bit to get into but its worth it ( i spent a little too  much time into this game than i'd like to admit)

oh and check out my game if you want

so ok good idea but the game  needs a lot of things

better movement

better hitobxes

better UI

more levels

better art,graphics

in the 2nd  level if you want to restart the game closes

you dont respawn instantly you have to press esc and restart



yea this game isnt directly the gest but good idea this can actually be a good game keep it simple

watch a few tutorials copy other ppl (only till you get better dont steal an entire game make it your own)

good luck

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i actually  made hard levels but they somehow bugged and you couldent die maybe ill try and fix them soon

yea i  originally wanted to show how to restart on the main menu  but it looked terrible so we wanted to put it into thew first level also didnt know how and so we  decidet to put it in the description

so incase  you still dont know "R" to restart "T" to the main menu

i made the same miisstake i just spammed space and even when i did it i had no idea if  space did something or  the  way i jumped

so  i also failed the last level

this is definitly a good game like it was fun you  somehow managed to make it that im not even that mad when i die but there are 2 things you could change

-the turorial with space isnt really clear enugth like i thought i had to spam space instead of hold  it

-in a level where there is a bigger gap i try to get a start up to get a better feel of the gap but then i just go into the previos level

the unity project files got corrupted (kinda ironic looking at the name) so i probably wont update it didnt enjoy it in the first place

yea i reealy cant do lvl disign and i should never try to write a "story" ever again but

atleast i have the excuse that this is my  first realeased game