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We're resuming development shortly. As soon as we start making the changes I'll put up an announcement in this page so that people can follow the development :)

Thank you @LittleLynx! :)
Yes, we are aware of that, we released the game like this due to the deadline of the gamejam. We're still working on the game, and a lot is getting changed, as we're expanding the world and story.
Thank you for playing and for leaving a reply, we're glad you liked the game despite of its gamebreaking bug! :)

Parabéns pelo primeiro lugar Ciclope! Bom trabalho :)

Muito obrigado @Ciclope! :)

Como o P_kun disse crescemos com Final Fantasy e esses jogos são sem dúvida uma grande inspiração para nós e definitivamente estamos a trabalhar para proporcionar esse tipo de experiência aos nossos jogadores :)
Faz o download assim que puderes e diz-nos o que achas! Vamos continuar a trabalhar neste jogo e qualquer feedback é bem vindo :)

Mais uma vez muito obrigado pelo comentário!

Thank you! :)

Obrigado! :)

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Dream of Sword

Join us in this adventure inspired by the JRPG Classics with fully hand-drawn maps, smooth character animations, cinematic cutscenes and original score.


Make sure to rate and comment! We'd love to hear your feedback!

Dream of Sword follows the story of Ren, a boy who every night is haunted by strange dreams since he was a child. In one of those dreams our character hears the calling of a mysterious being compelling him to meet it...

This game is a prototype created for the IGMC 2018 Contest by 3 people, Map illustrations by P_Kun, 3D Art & Gameplay by Creative Ed and Music by Diogo Pereira. We made this game with the purpose of showing the type of narrative / graphics / feeling we intend on bringing into the full game. We will continue development on this game as it brought us great joy when working on it. This is the game of our dreams and is something we've been wanting to start for some time. This Game Jam was a blessing as it got us working :)


Original Art and Music!

Making the art for this game is very time consuming. Hand-drawing maps, modeling, animating, composing, all of these take a lot of time to get done, resulting in the game being a shorter gameplay experience. We believed however that this was what we wanted to show the most to our players so they could get a sense of what would be playing a full game with this kind of quality.


Rough Development!

Unfortunately the development wasn't always smooth, we were forced to leave some content out of the game as it caused the game to crash for no aparent reason, as well as some left in bugs that we weren't able to solve as the deadline closed.


Unfortunately we weren't able to put this cinematic we spent a lot of time crafting ( T_T ) because it crashed RPG Maker (which seems to be very picky with videos) which ended up being futile anyway, since the part that would be right after this one breaks the game anyway so... ( T_T )

I hope you can still enjoy the game for what has to offer. We're still working on the game and I'm going to post progress as we go, so if this game interests you, stay tuned for some new content! As soon as the voting ends we're releasing a new version :)

Thank you for playing Dream of Sword and don't forget to rate the game and comment as doing so will greatly help the development of this game :)

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Thank you Plueschkatze :) 

Yes those games were definitly a great inspiration for us, since those are the games we love the most and it's what we love doing :) 

Yes, unfortunately we did not have the time to implement everything we wanted. We worked our hardest to do the best we could in under a month, while we would've liked to perfect many aspects of the game, we had to choose some things over others. Those you pointed out were some of the parts we had to cut out of the game in order to flesh out some others. But thank you for pointing them out, we'll make sure to take care of that as development continues! 

We will! And thank you so much for the kind words :) , while working on this game we found out how much joy it gave us to develop something like this, that it's something that will definitely see the light of day! 

As for gameplay, expect the traditional battling and character progression, as well as some tweaks in the battle system that will set it apart from most other rpgs. 

Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, we really appreciate it :) make sure to rate our game if you haven't, it helps a lot! 


Thank you for leaving a comment! 

We hope you enjoy playing the game, if you like it don't forget to rate it, and they'll us what you thought :) it will help us a lot! 

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Hello Yobob, thank for your support and for taking the time to write this marvelous comment, we really apretiate it :) 

Haha thank you for warning us :) , unfortunately there wasn't enough time to solve the other bug (which would've allowed the player to get to the end of the game) we hope that the game can still be evaluated based on all the work it took to achieve the look and feeling that this game has. The game breaking bug hits about the 12 minute mark (depending on the player) so we're still hopeful :) 

Yes we used Galv's plug-in to achieve those smoother animations. That got me scratching my head for a while too until I figured out that you just need to put in a note tag in the event you desire. The note tag is in the plug-ins help box. Making events run and such was a little harder though. 

Thank you! Arranging the parallaxes was mostly P_kun's part, it's as you said, he nit picks everything and is always making sure everything is on the right spot xD We wanted to make these maps feel organic as most as we could, which is always a bit of a challenge when a game is grid-based. 

Thank you :) The way we tell the story is really important to pull the player into the world, and we really bet in that. 

To get good tints on the screen is very much about experimentation, keep a low difference in the color values so not to create too hard coloring. 

It's true, it is really hard, after all that hard work, it will be a bug that is going cost us :/ Haha it's ok it really was due to lack of time for proper testing. 

It does, even if we don't win, we will continue working on this game and rating it will always help us gain some more visibility, thank you :) 

Yes we can get in touch if you wish, I think doesn't have a pm system, but we can figure out another way if you wish :) 

Thank you for your kind words, we're really happy that you enjoyed the game, it is why we do it. 


Thank you for your support Yobob. You're the best! :)

Thank you Yobob, we were able to fix that at the last minute! XD
Unfortunatly, we weren't able to fix another serious bug that came up.

Hello Lunatiker!
First of all I want to say thank you! I'm really glad you could enjoy the game even though it has so many problems.
Yes, I am aware of that bug and it is solved now. It was due to a sound script I had implemented on the game, but it's fixed now.

Thank you for your feedback, I'm glad you could enjoy the game, I'll release a new version with many many of these issues fixed once the judging time for the contest is over, stick around! :)

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Hello Genericide, thank you for your feedback! Those are all issues that are being solved. The battle system was changed to a more instant type of battle, that doesn't require the player to wait. In addition characters will start off with one or two skills like you suggested.
We are aware of the repetitive music and plan to change it.

As for the bug, yes it's nasty bug that appeared due to a sound script I had implemented, it is fixed now :)
Once the judging time of the contest ends I'll release a new version with all these fixes, hope the game is a lot more enjoyable then.

Thank you!

Glad to hear that! The next demo will have most of the issues fixed, so it should be a lot more enjoyable to play. Thank you for the feedback!

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Thank you for the feedback and for understanding the lack of quality of the gameplay. The biggest issues of the game are being worked on and we'll have a new version soon :)

Thank you for the support!

Yes all of those issues are being fixed and I should have a new demo soon :)
Sure, the game will have a few free demos that I'll release before the beta where people can test the game out and give their suggestions. After we go beta, I'll keep you in mind if you're still around ;)
Thank you for the support!

Hello Jaiden, thank you so much for your feedback, I really appretiate it!

Unfortunally the game is highly unplayable at this stage. I only got the time to test the game after I released it and realised it is highly unballanced. I played for 40 minutes and wasnt able to pass the first few enemies, which is unfortunate because I really wanted people to enjoy the dungeon crawler RPG that I invisioned.

  • Regarding the dialogue, yes I will pay attention to that, I'll also try to have fewer lines of text.
  • I'm working on a ballancing system that will check the player's level, so that when the level is lower, it rolls less enemies.
  • I'll make the atb a little faster and try to cut dead time from the game. The enemies are being ballenced, starting out with lower stats, also their level up rate was lowered, making basic enemies end up being weak as time passes while still giving a challange for a while.
  • Thanks I will take care of that!

Thank you! As soon as I have a new version I'll post it. Stick around :)