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Late but still, happy bithday to Carl!

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YES NEW UPDATE!!! Can't wait to play it! 

\( ^▽^)/

Damn, what do you mean it was Nik's birthday and i missed it?!😭

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Didn't got to play on time but  i still loved it❤

i religiously replay this vn every december 1st and it's almost time!!!

YES! Nik update!!!😭

Slight spoilers👇

the part at the mines had me on edge, i actually got disappointed when i got the "to be continued"😅, it was really good! can't wait for the next update!

Slight spoilers👇

At first i had the theory that picking Mark over Simone could lead to a bad ending, but im not so sure about that now...

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As always the update was so good!!

Never disappoints


i was already starting to worry the moment i saw the guy with the collar 

and that last part with the beam actually surprised me haha wow

now i'm concerned of what could happen now that they encountered resoom

The update was really good,

honestly i just can't help but feel bad for cordelia,

and i didn't noticed there was a chapter select option, that's very useful.

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That was really great!

Wow, i was not expecting that, holy shit, it took me off guard

I felt so bad for poor sam jr.

I indeed wasn't ready🥲

Oh boy, im not ready

They're usually released publicly a month(kinda) after they're released on patreon

Hiro is a precious bean and i want to protect him omg

Nik update!!!

it was really good, really liked the animatic too.

it really made feel bad for the poor guy.

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the update was great!

as a person that is autistically obsessed with SpongeBob the Krusty Krab-like tables made me grin like an idiot lol

new update!!!

Loved the update! 


The part when sam is dragged actually spooked me lmao, keep up with the nice job