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Thanks for your comment Bruce! 

That's sounds interesting dude! Do you have a discord account? If you have a discord account, Could you join this server?

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I now it's a little bit late but i need a team. I'm good at programming and I can talk english. Maybe I can do some art but I'm not too good at it.

My local hour is GMT+3(I don't know how to write this so If there is a grammar problem , I'm sorry)

Thanks again:)

That's pretty nice! Thank you! I definetly love it!

A stream? That's pretty good. Please play our game! Here's the link!

We have 11 rating right now. Can you help us? Here's the link!

Thanks for your hard work mate!I appreciate it. Here's the link!

Well we have 11 rating so far and I think we need more.Here's the link!

Thanks dude:)

Here comes the TapTap!

A fan art? That' s pretty good.Well then, Here's the link.

We made a platformer with a single button.Here's the link!

Here is my game!

Here is my game! I hope you enjoy.

Looks a nice game.I'll give a shot.

Here is our game:

Here is our game!

Thank for this comment! First of all I don't know too much about Unity's UI system so maybe there's a problem about that. And about the Credits There's a bug that when you 'Enter' the Credits the game becomes unplayable. The system can't get the Inputs so as a team we decied to hide this bug. :D

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Thanks for your comment! Actually, at first we tought no one can't find us and we felt a little bit alone but your comment showed up and me and my team get so happy for this comment.

Our "only one" was a only one button with various mechanics.Here is the link:

My highscore is 29!Did you beat it?

Thanks dude!Here is our game!

Here is mine.

We did our best!

Looks a nice game to me but It's  a little bit  hard. Maybe I'm a little bit bad about playing this game.

I like this.You have a good humor, my child.

How did you do this website?It's gorgeous!

Hello there,

It's my first game jam and I can't understand it.My game's page always Loading for the first time ?How should I fix that?

Here is the link:

I liked the story.It was so good.10/10 

Drawings are nice and gameplay feels really good.

Thanks for replying!That respond explains everything. 

Hello Everyone!

This my first jam and I don't know how to upload a game. Is there a good tutorial about this subject? Is it same as uploading a game into the What should I do?

Thanks for the answers.

Thanks to replying me!I was worried about this question.I wish you good luck!

Hello everyone, I am a designer with a very low programming experiences. Mostly, when i see a problem about programming I'm watching tutorials from YouTube, looking for the answer at the forums.I've never been joined to the gamejams.Is there a chance about this stuff?