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I really liked the concept but it looks the score were added each time, refining the position hence making it less difficult over time.

After another play I found that there’s no way to loose? It needs more polish but it was a good gameplay loop. Would totally fit a strategy game.

A bit disorienting at the beginning,I had to play it a couple times to understand what was going on. I have a bit of color blindness  so I didn’t figured at first there was only two balls of the same color. That was nice though.

I loved your game, it feels pretty solid. The only thing I would change is the physics to speed up the game a bit.

It’s a ok 👌 platformer.

Well executed, it feels pretty finished and is very nice to play. Smooth and beautiful.

I lost a lot of time finding how the grid layout works and how to handle singletons. Also made it (almost) mobile compatible. I counted compile times in the duration.

Hi, you have to hold the button down to actually "hold the bomb". When you release the button, it pauses the game so anyone can play at its pace.

I should add this in the instructions. Thank you for playing my game.

It should be fixed by now. I have uploaded a new build for Windows.

The game crashes when you `check` yourself.

Anyway that game is so fun my fingers hurt.

Is this game still available on the Play Store? It looks the game doesn't exists anymore.

Nice entry. It still needs some refinement in controls and gamefeel. Jumps are a bit lunar and hitboxes looks too big for the big spikes (are you using box colliders ?). The infinite scroll looks OK though =)

I didn't managed to get the fourth item. I know there's chances I am unlucky, but after thirty tries I only had the dagger, the locket and the ring 😥

It's nice to see a Scratch game. Never thought it was possible to make something like this 😮 this is quite impressive.

I found it very relaxing.

I liked the way it mimics how we grab to climb without falling into absurd realism like in QWOP. Nice game 👌

Did you managed to make all those drawings in just one week? It's a pretty good looking demo!

You'll be sure to see me when the full chapter is released.

I think it's a OK game, everything works but needs improvement.

I think controls and character handling was the most frustrating; the walk feels so slow, even more if we consider there is limited time and having two different controls to interact feels odd.

And I didn't know what to do until the very end of the game, it's pretty nice.

Also I think there's a bug when day passes and you don't go back to your home, the screen fades black and gets stuck.

I didn't though of a game but rather wanted to make a technical demo of what I can do with Godot. I'm pretty new to that game engine so I wanted to experiment a few things and get used with the rendering engine.

All the objects took way too much time to make, there was no time remaining for any actual game logic. So basically it's a visual novel without any text.

Oh my, I felt so bad and dirty and loose after playing this game. I really don't want to corrupt Neon, but it's… very satisfying 🤤.

Well done 👌

Does the game freezes at startup? I can't manage to reproduce the bug, but I know someone who can't launch the game on windows neither.

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Half is better than a tenth 😉

I'm pretty new to visual novel. I'm just good at building games so far, but I would like to change it  and be good at building stories too.

I'll put my project aside for a while.

Yes, a visual novel! Well done, It's funny and it made me laugh .

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gd files that are in JSON format are not treated as JSON files. I renamed them with *.json extension and include them in the export via the export options. Everything in Godot feels so natural, that's indecent.

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I'm sorry, that's because there's no more content, the game ends here.

In order to "fix it", I need wayyy more time, making a game with a lot of content is so much time consuming. It's the second time I make a narrative game and I think the biggest issue in this kind of game is the lack of time.

I made a model for the spaceship, but It's unused at the moment but still present in the source files (within the store.blend file).

Also I didn't find much time to make it, it's the result of almost 20h of work.

Oops… it sounds that voice acting is missing in the mac build. I must have a look at it.

I really enjoyed the soundtrack

I really loved the mood of the game. Very nice finish, it's a solid entry. Definitely looking for more of it.

Lol, it doesn't work. It just tells me a "Error: out of bounds". I'll remove it, you still can play the game with the Windows and Mac builds.

Hi Elixnova,

Have you looked at the getting started guide? It's a great way to learn how to use Superpowers. Here is the main page.

You should also have a look at working with 3D models if you want to know more about importing assets.

Have a nice day.

No problem :)

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In case someone is looking for the export button (just like me), just click the preview inside a node.

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Tu peux te baser sur l'objet javascript Date. Il te donne l'heure du système à la milliseconde près.
Tu peux à un endroit retenir la date de la frame précédente et faire la différence avec la date actuelle pour connaître le deltaTime. Je m'en sert pour mon horloge Pomodoro car quand le jeu n'a plus le focus dans le navigateur, il n'est plus exécuté et les Update ne sont plus appelés.


Les tiles maps ne prennent pour l'instant pas en charge des grilles autre que carrés.

Pour ce qui est des grilles hexagonales, il va falloir que tu crées toi même le système de grille. Il y a des ressources qui pourraient t'aider à modéliser une telle grille comme cette réponse sur Stack Overflow.

Pour les tilemaps isométriques, il s'agit juste d'une question de point de vue.

Tu peut mettre dans ta scène une caméra isométrique tournée à 45°, puis la pencher de 30° pour créer un effet similaire. Par contre tu n'aura pas d'effet pixel art sur la map.