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I tried to ram my blob of ants into the other team just for fun a couple times, but one time it crashed. Pretty fun game though.

High score of 7 lol. The tutorial was great at teaching me how the game works exactly and it was really cool how you got the music to change based on who came next. Some things that could make it easier for noobs like me would be to make the intervals for slapping the gavel a little longer on certain difficulty modes and maybe also allow clicking the mouse button to slap it.

Works on Linux using Wine except performance isn't the best. Very cool game though!

I got my source code up on GitHub if you wanna look at that.

Idk, maybe the bitcoin prices dropped so low that reality collapsed in on itself while one of the guys at Bitconnect was eating a sandwich. Who knows!

"One does not simply beseechurger".

Very unique interpretation of the theme. Nice!

Doesn't work that well for me on linux. :/ Looks really cool though.

Thanks for your feedback everyone! I'll definitely try to get around to adding that retry button.

Very interesting interpretation of the theme! Good job!

I can't for the life of me figure out how to get through the first part. Really cool game though.