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Next year!


Hello, I don't know if you remember me, but I told you I'd read your visual novel a few weeks ago on reddit.

Today, I finished my playthrough with Keska. It was a mesmerizing journey with beautiful art and atmospheric music that always set the right mood.

Right from the start, I was intrigued. The idea of not knowing who the person whose head I'm inhabiting is and them not having any idea either, instantly piqued my interest.

I loved the general structure of the story. I've mainly read visual novels that tell fairly linear stories with bigger choices that lead to major branches while this one lets you explore your surroundings to piece together Ilyon's past.

The art style fit the story perfectly and you even went as far as animating so much of it - I'm impressed and can't imagine how many hours you spent getting it done.

While there were some spelling errors, it wasn't enough to distract the reader or make the experience any less enjoyable. 

I believe I was at my lowest, motivation-wise, in the caves. The constant rumbling and warnings from the characters served their purpose perfectly in creating an oppressive atmosphere, but when the entire thing collapsed on me after I thought I hadn't even backtracked that much, I started to worry that maybe I can't get all the scenes and have to pick which ones to take along.

Considering the sheer amount of rooms in that cave, that left me with a bit of frustration. In the end, I was wrong and could visit each cavern safely, so all that worrying was for nothing, but I still figured I'd let you know about my initial impression!

Towards the end, I was getting impatient to finally get that conclusion I'd been working towards for so long. The fourth chapter may have been a tad longer than I would have expected, but overall, I still held my interest all the way to the end.

Despite constantly learning more about Ilyon's background and the ritual, that sense of mystery never fully vanished. There were always new mysteries to figure out and you handed out new information at a great pace.

I ended up ascending before going back to get the "friendship" ending with Keska. I'll certainly be returning to this VN once I've had some time to let it all settle and to have it feel fresh again for a second playthrough.

Again, I loved this so much and I'm so glad I stumbled across your visual novel. I wish you all the best in your future projects and I'll definitely be recommending your story to others :)

Danke schön!


OP: A beautiful story, I'm still grinning. The pictures, music, it all fits the text perfectly.

Me: Thank you!

You can! Here's the link:


I hope you'll have fun while exploring the VN :)

Thank you so very much for this review! You can't believe how happy it made me. Since this is our first original Visual Novel, this also means that this is the first proper review I ever got for something like this!

It's great that you also had some ideas for improvements. When sending these things to friends, they usually have a hard time pointing out issues, so this is incredibly helpful!

I'm especially glad that the vocal parts turned out alright. I stopped cringing at hearing my own voice after listening to it over and over during testing, but still felt like it may come across as unprofessional (then again, Li isn't a professional singer, so I guess that checks out).

Also, the feedback on the story is incredibly valuable. It's hard to get people to read original fiction when you aren't an established author, so getting proper feedback on it is even harder.

I often wonder whether I wrote an appealing beginning or whether it's just too boring and won't keep reader's wanting to dig deeper. It's difficult to tell since I already know what's going to happen, so it's great that you provided a feedback for that.

Getting out all those words on time for the jam was quite the crunch, but I'm happy I did, especially knowing that there are people out there that appreciate the work!

I already told the rest of the team about this review, so the composer, artist, etc. can read your feedback on their respective elements. I'm sure they'll be delighted :)

Thanks again, for taking your time to leave this amazing review!

No problem, I know the pains of testing, haha.

Good luck with your future projects!

I'm an avid fan of nethack, so I guess seeing the learning aspect as part of the game is something I've always enjoyed (as long as it's well done and you actually have a chance to learn by playing, which people definitely have in your game).

I just played a few rounds. It's a fun mix of social encounters and mini-games. Somehow, I never managed to grab that drink lol.

Especially the social encounters stood out due to the short time frame you have to answer the questions. I barely managed to read everything before I had to click, which perfectly simulates real-world conversation xD. Also, the content of the conversations was very cringe - well done.

Short and funny!

Your characters are cute. I think I liked boop's design the most, actually :D

I played this in my browser, and for some reason got stuck on a white screen when I selected to go to the shop before going on the date :(

Since I couldn't get the guy a present, I instead went for the cringiest options available, failing the date, haha.

This is amazing. Level 12 got me panicking, so the difficulty went up nicely lol.

I *love* the voice acting, the way the character slashes the start button, the way you attack everything in your path when clicking somewhere, and the slow-mo.

And then there's the silly pick-up lines. This is beautiful, all the way to the end.

Okay, I love the concept behind playing a ghost that has to scare off visitors so its house won't get bought instead of just scaring people for the fun of it.

At first, I didn't realize people were also coming from the right, and it took some getting used to the visitor's vision range, but I don't think that's a bad thing as you can quickly learn that by playing a little. Figuring out how close you can get to them is part of the challenge in my opinion.

I'm also on PC and had some issues like the page scrolling when i used the up/down keys, and I had to reload after tabbing out. I did manage to play it with the buttons, so all is well :)

Funny concept, though  (and poor cows D:)!

I loved that the enemies friendly-fired themselves so you could kite them into getting rid of each other. 

Also, I wonder how you would have continued the story if the jam had given you more time. Will you make more of this at some point?

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Ah, I guess it made more sense after a bit then :)

Anyway, thank you very much for checking out the game and leaving a comment!

Well, the disclaimer is kind of part of the story, else we wouldn't have added one. It would be a bit weird if that was an actual disclaimer, haha!

The engine is Ren'Py. It's one of the most well-known engines for Visual Novels and is nice to work with. You can easily expand its functionalities with python. There should be a link in the "credits" and "about" sections if you want to check it out :)