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Such a cute game, love the art and animation

Love the game, the art style, everything!

I was wondering how you made the text bounce up and down in the loading screen and stuff

i can't finish the first level, i was going for a solid 5 minutes

Great game, however, when shooting the tape i have a lot of trouble hooking on and the swinging didn't fell very good. In my opinion the static overlay is a bit too much but i see the aesthetic. Loved the game

Love the game, character acceleration curve felt a bit drastic, as in they accelerate too fast and i didn't know where i was going. Overall, enjoyed the story

Really Enjoyed playing it, there were a few bugs with buttons and rewinding but loved the concept and execution

Love the concept, the main problem was that sometimes you don't jump. It kind of reminds me of this video "Clone Blocker" by Corridor

Great concept, found it went a bit too fast but love the idea

Thanks for the feedback, I didn’t think about making a tutorial that is something I should do for any future games

Ok, so I didn't zip the file right so i redid it and its on my Itch page, there was no changes made. Play the working version then rate this one.



wdym like the program won’t open or the start button or what