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holy crap I'm so hyped for raft on steam and being able to play it XD


ლ(◕ ε ◕ლ) ok so, they aint updating the game so ye, patience.... ᕙ(◕ᗜ◕)ᕗ idk kill me 

I know I posted that a long time ago, im really excited about these new updated (ง◕ᗜ◕)ง

Raft community · Created a new topic next update?

when will 1.6 come out???

note: the original poster is Xano, I really like this idea so yeah, reposting

"This game is a great step in a the direction of survival gameplay. It's unique, you don't have to spend a lot of time to scavenge stuff, and then spend a lot of time to craft it. Everything comes towards you, and that keeps a flow. You get to reanact that "stranded in the ocean" fear.

Now I understand this is a game in the making. Although the game would be AMAZING with multiplayer--that's not what I want to throw in.


The start, obviously, lacks in introduction. We just land on a piece of wood. And then stuff flows towards us. OKAY, but how? I'm not suggesting a compelling Oscar worthy story--but it would be nice if we see ourselves trying to survive in the ocean after a shipwreck of some sort. This would also explain the constant flow of supplies for example. I understand this is a game in works, but this can be worked on.

From this concept: Let us assume our player is a survivor of the shipwreck. Why did the ship go down? Again, I'm not suggesting a complicated storyline. But lets say you sunk in some place like the Bermuda Triangle, Somewhat resembling it at least.

SHIPS: In time as we progress, we would see other ships in the horizon. But due to the Bermuda Triangle theme, disaster happens and that other ship goes down. It causes drama and horror with the player, and also gives an excuse to exert more supplies to the player.


The character opening this "How to survive by yourself" manual would explain why the character has a vast understanding of crafting. He/She would open it every time He/She attempts to craft. It would add nicely as a detail. Your call, Devs.

From this concept: As the player progresses, the player will be able to obtain more unique manuals for cooking, weaponry, crafting, and architecture.


Please, oh please, add a cutscene of some sort for when the shark enters the waters.--It just appears out of the blue... And not in a menacing way, it just asserts itself in. We should have our player react to it with some voice acting or some music. #LoveForTheShark

I would value and urge you, the Dev's to implement such keen details. It would ensure a staple of glory and care to a game that's already headed to success.


I recall reading weather changes that will be implemented. Surely this would make the gameplay ooze with more quality as there will be more challenge. What I can add to this is:

When the player reaches a high level of structure on His/Her Raft Structure, possible boss battles could happen. Such as: (Please take with a grain of salt. Perhaps they might be TOO ambitious. )

Using a slingshot to shoot incoming pre-war naval sea-mines.

A giant octopus battle.

A great white shark battle, constantly attacking the raft. (Possible reference to jaws?)

A school of shark immigrating and attacking your raft.

A jellyfish infestation which opts out you even THINKING of entering the water.

A fire caused from lightning.

A cyclone closing in from the horizon, forcing the player to sail a course to avoid it.



Sea Lizard Monsters... (Perhaps another boss battle? )

Ghost Ships...

Hallucinogenic ocean fruit... (???)

UFO Wreckage... must I say more?

(NOTE: I am not saying that we should make aliens a part of the game. But it could be cool as hidden stuff. Cue X-Files theme. )


Now I know the Dev team already have their inbox full of requests. This being the "multiplayer idea". Maybe it's too much. And it's hard. OK, understandable. The bugs in multiplayer would possibly be a nightmare anyways... But if this game is keen on being single player, why not have the player be able to see some very small islands in the distance, and have the player sail his raft towards it? Maybe he could find some old pirate treasure, a sword possibly.

Ya'll have a pretty sweet game. Awesome work! Cheers. "

those are IDEAS BAM

  • Harpoon gun
  • hammock
  • different types of hammers, such as the builders hammer (the regular one) the weapon hammer (to make weapons obv) and maybe a few more ¯\_◕ᗜ◕_/¯
  • clothes, such as a straw hat, and maybe you spawn with raggedy/ torn clothes
  • straw, spring, harpoon, cloth, dirt, screw, screwdriver, crank, button, blade
idk those are just a few ideas, here are some ideas for crafting recipes
  • harpoon~ rope x2, spear
  • crank~ wood, scrap
  • button~ scrap, spring
  • spring~ scrap
  • screw~ scrap
  • screwdriver~ scrap, wood
  • straw hat~ straw x2
  • weapon hammer~ hammer, scrap x2, blade
  • blade~ scrap x2
those are a few crafting ideas for stuff (□ ε □)
everything else that you can't craft, you can find in barrels (づ☯ᗜ☯)づ

or you could use the turtle shell for both ¯\_◕ᗜ◕_/¯

Holy crap!! you have the coolest looking raft ever!!!


guess I have an idea for a weapon (again)

weapon~ Harpoon gun

uses~ killing shark from far distances. (maybe in later updates, you could see the fish, so you could use it to catch them easily)


  • wood
  • scrap
  • nail/screw
  • crank - crafted by wood, nail, and scrap
  • spear
  • rope
  • spring - crafted by scrap
I guess this list also adds a few more items too =P

hope you might be able to read this, and add it in a later update! (if not that's fine) but ye, bye!

Raft community · Posted in A story


Raft community · Created a new topic A story

I think that there should be a story, at the beginning, like a plane crash, or ship wreck y'know?

Another thought of mine is clothes. You'd start off with destroyed or ripped, but you could get shark skin or somethin (maybe cloth/ cotton/ wool ) but you would have to craft / sew new clothes which would make it harder to die. This is just a thought for the far future when things are much more stable for the game. please do not try stressing yourselves with any of my ideas. thank you and cya!

one big thing I love in games, CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION

I think an engine idea would be cool, but there would be oil that would float by, and you would have to use the tin can to get, then that's how you charge up the motor

Raft community · Posted in Island?


I think Wilson should be added. He just floats by, maybe his name wont be Wilson, but I think it would be really funny

ok thanks dude

I think that you guys should at least one new weapon at least. Its the harpoon gun and you could use it to shoot the shark from farther away. it might be like 5 scraps and maybe you would need to add like a spring or something, but the you would also need to craft some rope and a spear (and maybe a crank of some sort to reel the rope in but its fine if you don't :P ) please add some sort of weapon for killing the shark than just the spear! thank you!!!!

I've found a bug where sometimes when I hold the spear, the scroll out to a different item, it still has my hands in the same position and I cannot repair things! wondering if anyone else had this problem. thanks and please try to fix this!

Please help me find out how to update this game, unless it automatically updates, I'm not sure whats wrong =/