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Uneasy games

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Grandma has been around since 2016 so no

Its good but I think you should have the game restart the level rather than going back to the main menu, just developer to developer advice.

The game is a work in progress

Grandma VR Horror-ultimate experience, via @Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/451660370/grandma-vr-horror-ultimate-experi...

Please help us spread the word to millions of people!!!

yea no problem, sorry that game isn't in development any longer due to us focusing on a new Grandma game 

Thank you for playing!!

Thank you for the video, glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you for playing!! Be sure to follow us on FB for updates on the new upcoming version.

Thank you for playing!!!

Hello guys!! Sorry that some of you couldn't purchase the game so it's free. I am away for awhile so I apologize I couldn't back to some of you. I am currently working on an all new Grandma that will become a VR horror experience. Thank you all for the support and hope to see you guys in the new horror. 

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Thanks for playing, cool video 

Thank you for playing, its really crazy that people still play the old verison, I dont even own that one anymore lol

great video thank you for this!! 

Awesome Game, I really love it

Thanks to everyone that's played Grandma. I know some of you were hoping to see an extension on Grandma but unfortunately there are no plans for it right now. I am working on a new concept for a horror game, again thanks for your support. 

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Thank you for playing, really enjoyed the video

amazing!!! Thank you for this!

hello everyone, I've notice a lot of players having an issue with the price so now the game will be free for everyone. I hope you guys enjoy the game, keep in mind this is just a jumpscare game and will become a VR experience in the future. 

thank you for playing, I appreciate your video. The game currently at a stand still but once we get our hands on a rift the game will be in VR in the near future.

The game has been updated and your playing the older version. Not sure why, the new update has been out for over a week now.

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Hello fans, I'm pleased to announce a new Grandma update 

Thank you for playing, I appreciate your video

Thanks for playing, be sure to check out the final release!!! More scares, much more polished

Thank you for playing!! I appreciate the kind words.

Thank you for playing!!

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The official game is finally released!! This will feature new scares and a random level feature, so when you play the second time, you will experience new scares.

Hi, lol no worries, yea it's a default message that I can't take off or I would so it wouldn't confuse people. I do appreciate your donation, every bit helps. Also if you get stuck in a room just move around, triggers are placed through out the game. The newer version is a lot better and I apologize for the confusion with the game. I've been updating the game quite often, like every week so I apologize you didn't play the right one. I will be finalizing the game Monday with a new update hopefully it'll be the last update. I will be adding a brand new feature to the game which allows the player to play a second time with a different experience, so it'll be randomized. I will be improving the rooms which you wont have to spend to much time figuring out how to get out. Also I will keep you in mind for a voice actor, I'm currently writing a script for a new game after I finish up with Grandma. Thanks again for your patience and I hope you have fun with the game.

Uneasy Games is excited to announce the last update for Grandma. This will complete the game and would like to thank everyone for playing and making great videos. The new update will become available Monday evening.

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ATTENTION FANS!!! The random jumpscare feature is on the way!!! This feature is  brand new to the game Grandma and will give the player a different experience everytime. 

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hi the game is free, you just downloaded the donate file. 

Follow Uneasy Games on FB and Twitter, we post updates often, The link is on the page 

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I'll keep that in mind thanks!

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Grandma 2.0 is available on Windows, Mac and linux

Introducing new voice actor InnocentlyCreating from youtube!!!

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thanks for playing, be sure to check out Grandma 2.0 nice video.

Big update coming tonight, be prepared 

thank you so much for playing, we are glad you enjoyed the new game, once we get involved in another project after Grandma I'll be sure to notify you.