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Quick tutorial for all of you UE4 users!

  1. Create a new material that looks like this: (Set the X and Y values to 64, this is the target X and Y resolution)
  2. Create a new Post Process Volume in your level
  3. In your newly created Post Process Volume, go to Rendering Features -> Post Process Material and click the + to add an item to the array.
  4. On the choose dropdown, select Asset Reference. 
  5. Select your Post Process material
  6. Go to Post Process Volume Settings and toggle Infinite Extent to true
  7. Then, select your camera
  8. In the Camera Options toggle Contain Aspect Ratio
  9. In the Camera Settings, set Aspect Ratio to 1.0 rather than 1.777...

And then you're all done! Ready to make your game! Good jamming!

When you say a commercial project, does it mean not to sell it? Since I have no intent to sell it but just to put it online for 0.00$ could potentially be commercial.

What software did you use for the 3D models. They look quite good.

Incredible! I love the style and everything about the game.

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I don't have snap and when I try "sudo apt-get install snapd" it says Package not found...

Could you please compile it for Linux ARMv7. I need it on my RPi3. Thank you!

Can we use assets that were already created (with the right rights for sure)?

The 20 MB includes Linux for every ARM there is and all and it the extra MB are taken by the extra runtime Jar files. Windows has Win64 and Win32.

What engine? :3

I'm using Processing (It's Java based) and the Sound library is from there so does it count as built-in or not?

FloppyJam community · Created a new topic Library

The sound library for the engine I'm using is over 20MB. Will it count in size or not?

Can we use assets not made by us?

So only the MyGame.jar's size will count and not the other sizes, right?

Very nice!