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Thank you so much for your video! We liked it, even if we don't speak japanese unfortunatly :/

Haha ! Merci les gars, vous pouvez pas savoir à quel point ça nous touche !

On fait le maximum, j'vous avoue que la vie ne nous fait pas trop de cadeaux en ce moment, lancer une entreprise n'est pas chose aisée...

On devrait peut-être leaker deux nouvelles versions en Mai puis Juin, donc n'hésitez pas à rester informés via nos différents réseaux !

Merci encore pour votre commentaire, c'est ouf :D

Thank you very much Gabriele! This kind of comment inspires us too ;)
Feel free to share us your project when it'll be finished! 

Thank you Ahmed!

S and F choice is for being used by both English and European keyboards (where Q is A). The final version will have custom key binds, it's already added.

Thank you Johnny <3

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Scribe Puffin : Awesome

Couch Game Crafters : Grateful

Thank you Leonir!
We are on Kickstarter right, feel free to check it out if you want the full release :

It's such a pleasure to hear you saying this ! Thank you !

Wow. What a comment !!!
Thank you so much Scoi007 !
We'll fix the problem with big toasters. 
It's amazing to see that you're playing Toasterball the way we dreamed it. Your detailed review is so pleasing.

The full version of Toasterball will be available at the end of this year and we may launch a Kickstarter campagn in two weeks !
Again, thank you for your comment. We really appreciate ! Have fun !

Haha thank you so much ! Soccer Physics is our great inspiration !

It's such a pleasure to read this kind of comment, thank you so much NexusKnight !

Hi MimiMab ! The game will be online but for the moment you can use Parsec ! Check it on Google !

Thank you so much !

Thanks guys that's so awesome! I already took some notes on things to improve based on you watching you guys play x)

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Thank you ! :D