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i'd say dragon quest but thank you for playing'a my'a game

zoo-wee-mama! the wonders of technology! sometimes you just gotta change a number in a text document, apparently!

there is a chance this could do it

it works for me on my laptop that had nothing to do with the making of this game, even without the RTP stuff... i don't understand rpg maker too good but i found this video you could try and use:

thanks babe

uuuh i have a file called RTP in the downloads list on the page you should be able to play if you put that stuff in the same folder as the game i think uuuhhh it works for some people like that but some people don't need no RTP i dont really understand but thanks for commenting and cute anime girl in your pic

the game suddenly blacked out for me a bit in but from what i saw this looks like a competent minecraft kitchen simulator!

cool game! is this how humans interact? i never go outside

uuuhh maybe i dont get it but i cant seem to drop anything im holding and i can pick up stuff when it says i cant carry anything more but the items dont appear in my inventory... is this by design? cool graphics by the way

i like the cute man-satellites

and milk?

they are scared

the e was not intentional but now i think it has some charm to it

crazy stuff man i wanna be like that guy when im 68e

neva give up, mr toad...dont let your games be dreames...

did you beat mr Juice? his technique is legendary along the Dew Mountains...

pepsi is the ultimate item

crazy lil mushroom guy...

why would you play the whole thing

you get a special reward blue frog sir

you get a sneeky peeky of a little game i've been working on...

great big soda technique

i tried downloading and starting it on a computa-macchin that didn't have rpg maker installed... and it worked for me without downloading any RTP-stuffs... what is this about

i like hoppin' around as a lil' bun

did the game work though? or did the runny-timey not worky? Sankyuu for tha script gnome, this could be useful...

huh... computertrons are disgusting... i will upload that runtime-packet right now!!!

I'm thinkin' about some kinda rpg maker machine... i am the rpg maker cowboy after alls...

Uhh how are you going to combine croquet with RPGs

who is jeff

there are gonna be dodecahedrons

reminds me of my good ol' penguin games for the master system...

Imma make a scary mirror game

I'm in with RPG maker in my holster... You can call me the RPG Cowboy...

make it so you can slice thy enemies in half with a cool blade

i constantly dragged the cursor over the wheel turning the poor little rabbit right into the fox's teeth so that's kinda sad otherwise kinda a game

i have 3 lines of text in my game i don't think i need that but thanks for the offer goat creature!!

is there no free use? where is the libery america?????

please jonny bidet let me use cool songs in my rpg maker game

can i maybe please if i don't allow people to pay for the game? pwease? just a little?

Also don't show this to your children this game is too scary for most mortal men

Uhm after like 4 hours of messing with it NOW IT SHOULD WORK! I use a new way of encryption so now you'll have to use an unzipper like 7z (free program) to open it

Thank you for actually sending in this message. I have gotten 16 downloads and I'm guessing this is a common problem but no one wanted to ask me about it... I will attempt to fix this along with an update to the game, it should come out in like 3-10 hours...