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I am having the same problem.

The art is BEAUTIFUL and I love both the sort of bizarro-fantasy world and quirky characters you have created! I understand that this was meant to be a short game because it was only completed in one month (!) but I'd love it so much if it were somehow expanded. I feel like the setting and characters are too fun for it just to end like that! (That's just me being selfish, though.) I love Jack and Marion's dynamic, and Marion's design is super cute. 

Now, back to working on getting all these endings, haha...

I can't tell you how excited I was to see that this game updated!! I'm so glad that you are still working on it, and the new demo is really great - although the narrative didn't seem to change too much from the first (as I was hoping, it's a promising/interesting start), it's good that the choices become more dialogue-based. The visuals are beautiful and the story is so mysterious and enchanting.  I can't wait for the full release!

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This game was hilarious (but also very heartfelt at times), I just love your sense of humor. 10/10

This was very cute!!

That ending though hahahaha

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Games are "political" because everything is political. There are plenty of games made about different wars, like WWII, for instance, or ones that criticize certain philosophies, like the Bioshock series. Everything involves politics, in some view, some way or another, because politics involve people and their rights, lives, cultures, etc. You literally can't escape it, especially minorities who don't have a choice to since their existences are basically "politicized". This will always be a woefully naive and illogical point of view.

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One of the best games/VNs on all of Love the diversity, dialogue, art, and narrative. This was an absolute delight to play - thank you so, so much for making it!!

I remember playing this years ago when it first came out! It was such a pleasant, funny experience and the art is just adorable!