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Hahaha xD

Thanks! I did spend quite some time getting the jump physics to feel exactly how I wanted and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

I would add an option to set the controls yourself if this were a full scale game, but I'm too lazy to do that for a prototype to be totally honest xD. I know there are some bugs, I tried to fix the 'enemies insta-killing you on spawn' issue by making it so that enemies die if they spawn to close to you, but clearly that still isn't working correctly or the distance is not set high enough on that to solve the problem.

I put a good deal of thought into the level design too. I like games that give the player more than one way to progress, so I tried to include that where possible.

Thanks for playing my game and for sharing your thoughts! :D I will check out and rate your game soon.

The game does support Xbox 360 controllers if you happen to have one.

I love the mechanic where going to one edge of the screen transports you to the other side! Never seen that in a platformer before, it's awesome! Great job on this.

Well.. I screwed up xD

I just realised that my game is not 64x64. I set my resolution to 64x64, but then I went and set the camera zoom to really far out without thinking about what that meant. So yeah I'm dumb, and I guess my game is technically disqualified xD I tried changing it so that it actually is 64x64 but it turns out the game is not really playable at that resolution haha. Anyway I'll leave it up unless I'm asked to remove it, otherwise feel free to rate me 1 star on authenticity.

Thanks! As to the resolution you are absolutely correct. xD I set my resolution to 64x64, but then I went and set the zoom on the camera really far out without thinking about what that meant, so yeah I'm dumb. Tried changing the zoom to 1x scale but it turns out this game actually doesn't really work at 64x64 haha. Oh well, I guess that disqualifies me from the jam, I'll update my description with a confession.

Thanks for trying the game, I will check out your game!

Thanks! I spent most of the jam trying to come up with an original idea, and ended up making this in the last few days. Might add some music in an update.

This is great! Nailed the atmosphere with the sound and music. I envy your ability to make recognisable environments with such little detail.

I really like the odd and unsettling atmosphere. It reminds me of Tarkovsky. Nice job!