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wow i think this is my new favorite video game

i love the variety of enemy designs, are they randomly generated or did you design all of them?

This game is amazing, are you going to keep working on it, I would love to see more maps, or even procedurally generated ones, or an online multiplayer so you can actually be sneaky.

it would be cool if the shovels during the worm part came down at the same times and places where you put the shovle in the shovel part

Thanks, I get it now.

I thought I could just copy and paste the contents from the nuclear throne folder(update 19) into a folder with the CTLauncher, which is what I did with other mods(so I could switch between them without having to go through the whole process). After I put the CTLauncher into the nuclear throne folder it actually worked.

Whenever I open it I get this message:



action number 1

of Create Event

for object UberCont:

Error defining an external function.

When I click abort it opens it but I cant click anything and it just has a part of the intro screen with the rest cut off.