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Coding the text effects is really hard actually... which is why I didn't do it!

There's a really neat plugin/mod for GameMaker called Scribble made by the creator of Hyper Light Drifter (also made in GMS).

It does all the text movement, colors, font swapping mid-sentence, and a lot more. It's also a lot more friendly overall than GameMaker's regular draw text functions.

Nice typing game amplified by really cute graphics. Great game! Bonus for being able to play it in browser.

I really like all the abilities. Each one has its own charm to it and mixing and matching all of them gives tons of opportunities for interesting/fun environments. I also really liked the little part where you were forced into a ball. There are so many little aspects like that thrown in already that really make this stand out. The atmosphere and aesthetic are great and really enhance the experience as well. Looking forward to where this will be taken!

I LOVED this. I played it all in one session, and it was absolutely worth it. I've actually been working on a mostly monochrome game where you go around talking to funny, squiggly animal people myself, so this was right up my alley. Of course, mine is nowhere near the level of quality of this. The characters and dialog have so much genuine emotion, I can't get enough of the art style, and on top of all of that, you even made your own music to go along with it perfectly. I don't usually leave reviews for things, but I just couldn't go without sharing my thoughts even if I'm just reaffirming what so many others have so already said. It's a truly inspirational game.

swing :)