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Cosmic Catto

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omg TOH :D

where is the walkthrough?

istg, this gave me so many heart attacks


you know its bad when ur downbad for a TV XD

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Hell yea, I'll be yours forever Creator

Not me putting random colours in

this was so creepyyy

wht did i do???

that would be cool tho

how i rlly wanted to turn the voltage down...

woah that was so cool and it felt so real bc the layout looks like discord
when u find out wht rlly happened, its actually quite sad

lmao harmony is the opposite of discord
i see wht u did there haha

this game actually slaps tho

i screamed when the chicken chased me XDDDD

wheres the 3rd trash lmao

wow this was rlly creepy and the game mechanics are very unique


omggggg the way this is made is so cool!!

edge but i tried chrome and i got the same on that

rip my heart out, why dont u?

i cant believe this took u only 24 hrs???? the art style is so cute and the story is absolutely heart-breaking

well done!


not in the game but i can run it, im just not sure where to go from there


im on the website version

I'm rlly confused, how do u play?

look at the horse figure, jack in the box, yellow man sitting in chair with the thing turned on and the animal picture

that ending tho-
poor raccoon :((((

this is so fun

me too :((((


balls ack

ya lmao i was like WHY CANT I MOVE?!



it dissolves ovbs

this was sooo good omg
i loved the bit where u could search up stuff on romeros computer

give to the nicotine guy

click the bed pillow in the bedroom near the ladder

ohhh thx

omg this is sooo goodddd, i LOVE causing chaos

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I can't live, laugh, love under these conditions!