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Every time i write all new features at the bottom of the page. 

New Features:

-New german medics.

 -New voices.

 -Lot of fixes. 

-Big performance improvement.

 -General fixes.

This time is a little update, because i am working on a totally new AI to make mission more funny (and easy to create, so new missions will added more frequently)

Yes, steam direct to be precise. Steam greenlight is no more aviable, the new platform is Direct, witch allow users to publish their game more easily.

New version uploaded. tell me if it's now ok.

Version ready. It should work now.

New version uploaded. tell me if it's now ok.

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I know that. it was a development test. When you see on the game page a built with a "b" on the version name is a testing one. For example 15h ago it was "0.5.4b". The current one "0.5.5" is a stable one.

Of course it will. Thank you.

Thank you. I will check.

You can already do that keeping mouse fire button pressed after firing.

you can already click mouse wheel to do that.

Thank you. I already noticed it, and fixed it for next built. Finally i submitted a stable and nice version, so i'm going to make much more news before releasing next update, so i think you will have to be annoyed per a few time. But if everything will okay, next update will really an important one about AI and mission gameplay.

Replied to VeekX in Easy Red comments

Optimizations are more powerfull every built. So soon or later this should't be a problem anymore. Anyway, make sure you didn't press the - key button. - and + button make the game go fast forward and slow motion. It's a development function.

Yes. Patch has just been released. 

for a little bug i hided files. I will reupload it this evening (italian time). Check in 5 hours it will online. 

oh yes of course. My mistake. I fix this immediatly when i come home. Sorry.

from the update released fewbhours ago yes, you can heal yourself and allies with first aid kits given to medics.

Mac version is out.

With the 'insicure medsage' there are teo buttons: A big "cancel" and a small "start anyway".

yes. And tomorrow a new one (with some little news) will uploaded. Every 2-3 days game is uodated.

yes, very soon.

Exactly. This is not a bug, you just have to click on "unpack anyway".

class like engineer, medic, Officer, radioman are not complete so for the moment they are just skin and gun. Soin you will able to do lot of more stuff like heal ally and yourself.

Sorry for the problem. I just fix it.

Sorry for the problem. I just fix it.

Sorry for the problem. I just fix it.

yes, it is! If you gad the mission bug it solved now.

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Hi. You have to use several different programs. I can tell you the most important ones that I use, but there are lot of differents alternatives. I use Blender for 3D models, Paint.net and Gimp for skins and textures, Visual studio for coding, Audacity for audios and musics, and Unity Engine for development. I hope you will find your own way for your game.

About a couple of days. Next update had lot of troubles and i spent hours to restore a broken file that stopped the works for days. I was becoming crazy.

Please wait a few days for next update. It will fix all problems.

Hi. inside the game folder there's a txt with a link to the old version. Try that version and tell me if it works. We are working to solve this problem that occurr with some pc.

What version of windows are you running? If you use right arrowsbto control the player what happens?

yeah, it's a great one.

thabk you. Happy to hear some good news sometimes.

this is so strange. Does this happens also with old version? What do you mean with unpleyable?

Next update will contain a MacOS version. Need some 3-4 more days. 

Thank you for your feedback. I will ad weapons from the countries present on the DLC, so if it will on Battle of Vittorio Veneto i will add something like Gewher 95, Carcano 98, Breda MG and more. Also, i think I will not add weapons that weren't used like the Hellriegel. If i will, it will a little Easter Egg hard to find.

We are working on it. Mac version will up in a couple days.

Replied to AGLS in Easy Red comments

i'm sorry, i'm working on it. Old version is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7laj37outuedvfx/Easy%20Red35.zip?dl=0

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Hello! Nice video (and very nice channel, really dude). I'm sorry for the bugs, the spelling errors and all the strange stuff inside this game, it's hard to find the time to work at this project, but i'm always glad to see people making video on it, it's funny to see people reactions to the problems and the bugs! 


yes, i will add a mac version with new version