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Hi. Yes, they might get changes. At the moment i'm working on a new AI, so i can't say when.


Hi. For now i didn't plan to increase it.

Of course.

Hi. You can do what you want!

hi. Try to navigate into c:/users/youruser/appdata/localow/corvogames/easyred and delete file datamanager.dat

Hi. I haven't done anything particular. The only thing i can say is that using 7zip (that compress into .7z files) it become even smaller (but you must have 7zip installed for decompressing, that's why i use common zip files)

Hi. Yes, but this version dosn't contains all features and it is updated only at v.1.0

Hi. Nice video, as always! Of course, you can post what you want here. 

I Just added download link. Sorry, i was releasing Version 1.0 and i needed some times for uploading it.

I Just added download link. Sorry, i was releasing Version 1.0 and i needed some times for uploading it.

hi. Sorry, download link will updated tomorrow at version 1.0 . It has been removed since it was an older version then the Steam release.

Hi. As I said, missions and campaign outside normandy are not already planned.

Next week update will contains the Mission Editor. With that tools everyone will able to create his own mission. If you want, you can make Dunkirk mission using it.

Recived, thank you.

also, please immediatly after getting a crash, send me your log files (shouldnbe at ~/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log)

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Hi. thank you for your feedback. It must be a problem with mac pc's. I'll fix this on next update. So sorry for this problem.

If you can please send me a copy of one corrupted datamanager zipped to this mail i can analize it and find the problem. 

Hi. So sorry for this problem I guess your save data is corrupted. here's how you can fix it: C:\Users\YOURUSER\AppData\LocalLow\CorvoGames\Easy Red and delete the datamanager.dat file. so sorry for this prolem.

Hi. I'm sorry, to get the full game and all the future updates/dlcs you have to buy it on Steam. 

Hi. Full game is here:

yes, updated at the last game version. Lot of fixes and improvements has been made.

Thank you!

Hi! Crosshair will fixed anyway, AI will have the same life of the player because of this game is a simulator. Increase player life is increas life of all units.

I will think about this! Very nice!


Sorry i forgot to reply to this in other posts: Yes, it can be made. But i need a couple weeks for this.

Hi! Since the damage are so realistic, a too accurate shooting AI nearbie can be devastating! I'll think about it :\

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Of course i wil.

I like it too! What about switching crosshair from game settings?

Do you want help me choosing one? 

Take a look here and tell me what you like!

Hi! I think i found the reason! I'm working to fix it in the next week's update for Steam! You got an extremely rare problem, it depends from your pc's intalled fonts, it's hard to explain, anyway it will fixed soon! Sorry for the problem!

Make them taking cover could be difficult, i can make them go prone, hoping they are behind trenches or walls. It's really hard to make them understanding the surrounding area. The system that they use to move in the ambient needed several months.

I was working on stabbing just right now!

It will updated with the same constance that he has on itch. Updated every 1/2 weeks and with lot of news every time.

I didn't notice this! Thank you it will fixed for steam version!

Thank you! every single support is always appreciated! I hope you will enjoy future updates! Having some money to spent had the possibilty to contact professional voice actors!

It should be fixed now. Thank you for reporting the error.

Thank you so much!

Hi! During the d-day the beaches were divided in sectors; Omaha Beach was divided in 5, on of them was Easy Red 

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Hi! I'm so sorry, i already contacted the steam support, the game appear as published regularly. There's must be something wrong with the package, and i can't do anything, i am waiting for their answer. I hope this will fixed soon as possible, I really hope they will not take more then 2 days for answer me. I'm so sorry.

As always amazing.

I'm trying to get the same problem to fix it.