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I think this video it's really funny. All mission are actually just for testing game, so some of them don't even has real objectives, like this one. Anyway some of them are a little bit more detailed and funny to play. On the last 2-3 days i fixed lot of bugs and improved lot of things, like snipers, weapon models and AI. I didn't work on mission except on a new one, Utah beach mission. I suggest you to download the new version of the game and try it, for me is currently the funniest mission (played with the US army). Obviously, is really simple, just conquer some positions and kill some enemies.

Replied to Marco in Easy Red comments

Tried mortar and gewer; I didn't find your probblem, they works perfectly, tried on several different machines and missions. Colt animation is going to be fixed on next relases and nice suggestion for inventory.

How did you get on the ocean problem? It happens always?

about 5k.

Thank you for your very nice gameplays. Those are going to be really usefull to fix some bugs, expecially on the AI system.

At the moment we a modeler could be usefull. Of course we are working to reduce lag (and we will do it).  

there will of course more troops o the next builds. Vehicles are in progress, they could take a few weeks. Until 9 of August works are suspended. We are a lot busy.

Is the easyred.exe file on the same folder of easyred_data folder (as it was inside the zip file)? Did you extract all files?

this "mistake" is known. Actually we don't have yet infantry models, so we are using marines. Obviously they will replaced soon has possible.

Thank you for your feedback. Body disappearing problem will solved soon as possible. Next big update could need a couple of weeks because it will add lot of new features. Maybe even the first vehicle and a mission with it. 

Vehicles are going to be added very soon. AI need to get some performance improvement before the large use on the game. At the moment i am working at parachutes and mission objectives; I have to add several missions with the 101 Airbone and Fallmsjagers, and create good mission objectives components to make more funny and dynamic levels. The vehicles that i am going to add are: Kubelwagen, Opel Blitz, Sdkfz251.

This is already in progress. Thanks for your suggestion.

Of course it is. .exe is inside the zipped folder. Download and extract all files where you prefer, then start easyred.exe.

I hided files waiting for next big update tomorrow. I just reset them to visible, but game is still going to have a big update tomorrow.


I would like to share with you my game alpha preview.

This will just give you the first guideline about what am i doing. This is not a game yet, is just a draw, where to try map, weapons, mechanics and enemy AI. What do you think about it? i'm doing my best in this project.