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Thank you for reporting! maybe ill make a revision some day, hope you reached the end


Thanks again and thanks for playing, movement is very bad actually. I loved your entry, yours and professor mutation were my favorites.

Thanks for playing!

Totally agree with the movement, thanks for playing!

Liked the limited color palette, overall simple and fun.

Lovely art and joyful music, I feel a smart neandertal:


the hanoi puzzle is a little bugged...

Overall a little of culture in a jam game I like it XD.

A lot of game modes, very complete, loved the photo graphics and your tabletop approach, lovely music, its hard by highly replayable.

Super pretty art, i liked the narrative and the nonverbal dialogue ala Machinarium, the scene transitions confused me, stealing the button gave and an Arrietty vibe XD, good job I love this kind of art makes 2D games show its potential, graphic wise.

Lovely character, i felt a soul reaver vibe, combat is hard af, even using the dash, anyways i like where you are going with it, i tough on a "soul shift" idea for a moment, instead went to the perspective shift.

Nice sound, shadows and general atmosphere, great mechanic, slowing time when rotating maybe great, and maybe putting a character.

Lovely art and good game feel, loved that the enemies grab powerups.

I didn't count them it was just an estimate XD, very quality stuff as always from you, keep the good work, my friend!

You rotate the camera and then jump into the hole, in the tutorial it says "The camera is OP" is a joke and the controls at the same time (O left P right), the idea is you belive its 2D but isn't, then you jump with the space bar which is not said but I think is what you will try as is a very common key choice for jump, thanks for playing sorry if it wasn't pleasant experience.

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When you press jump while holding the direction is like it goes too far away and the gravity doesn't affects too much, like its needs weight

Very good game feel and addictive gameplay!

I finished after like 20 levels, super long didn't expect such longevity took me little more than half an hour, very good art and sound, zen is the word, it drags a little near the end but overall super polished and complete!

Liked the hand raw graphics and that they weren't too much digitally touched, It something I want to try myself sometime, I like that elements can be used inside and outside of combat, the progression was smooth.

Yes it's a weird type of puzzle that kinda breaks the 4th wall. I was introduced to it by pony island but I think there other games alike, thanks for playing!

I was expecting something to happen at the 100th press, I pressed too much XD, keep jamming!

The dark world mechanic has so much potential, and the art and sound are interesting, sad there is no chance to put that great mechanic to use.

Wow totally loved this one, I think this is the entry I genuinely enjoyed playing, I love brink of death situations, loved the last 3 levels, I see this one totally being expanded into a full game.

I liked the simple clean pixel art, the change of jump high based on wich platform is activates is interesting, sad there is no sound, reached the nice end, good job!

Loved the art and character creator, the puzzles are clever, the movement is floaty and hard sometimes but besides that super good entry, really liked the level in which you have to erase yourself

The difficulty selector is a great addition for a jam,  i liked the music and the use of line art, the level structure could be improved sometimes is hard to navigate, the dialog and narrative are interesting and on the right quantity, I liked the RPG elements and the blink ability, I played on medium.

Great you finished it! Yes i wanted a minimalistic artstyle but anyways I had some face expressions textures for the character I couldnt implement and some outline mesh that broke. Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

The controls are a little slippery yes tweaking was in the backlog :P, you just need to jump with pixelman but the isometric perspective forces you to press two arrows at the same time to go the right way, doing multiple persepectives is not optimal XD

I overcame my fears! Nice art and sound, I like pacifist games, maybe an additional movement mechanic would have been good like dash or something like that

Loved the claymation, always in love with craftmanship! The music and sound are very fitting, the gameplay is simple and fun! Super cute ending! 

Cool perspective you choose, really great ideas here gives me a soul reaver or zelda vibe, it would be great if you could change element on the fly but well that may be just a design decision 

Very good art, sad it doesn't have sounds, the idea of swapping world is very original

I laughed with the backstory, well-scoped for a jam, I liked the art, I think it would be great if the weather also affects the enemies in good ways.

Loved the art style and sound design, also checked your previous games, I really really like your dadaist and creepy style

Nice gameplay idea, I imagine the character as a goat, the music is not so fitting, I believe it has potential to further development or revision

Has the addictive factor of flappy bird or similar games, good job!

Looks and sounds great and as somebody already said it is visible you put a lot of work and content, controls, and map size can be improved.

Looks great and sounds great, the gamepaly is fun!

Lovely art and music, the idea is great and also fun!

Thanks for playing, glad you like the idea, in that part you just have to jump, keep jamming!

It looks and sounds great, the only complaint is the lack of checkpoints.