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Thank you very much, glad you enyojed it!

Thank you for playing, glad you enjoyed it!

Yes I  also like to working in Godot, +1 for that jajaja, I added yours to another private collection but will expose it also ;)

Yes it looked like that, and I had a dragon not split on the button and then I shot with them together and then separate and nothing happened, the button was pressed and the candle lit 

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Very interesting mechanic, really enjoyed it, very nice that you did it with your sons I hope to do the same sometime soon with my daughter and nephew :P

Very beautiful game

Excellent art and sound, loved the narrative, interesting echo mechanic though I think it could have been a little less tedious or have a little more vision, I think you could have chosen a "Smarter" strong language

I actually shoot the candle, thought I was missing something

I got stuck in this part, besides that very interesting mechanic graphics and sound, overall very polished even the menus

Really enjoyed how you created such interesting narrative with low resources, plus one for using Godot :P

Very cool mechanic, like how you can play solo or coop, nice art and sound, got stuck in the room with fire :/

Everything about this game is so well made, even surprising for the little time, I didn't have a problem with the level design as others, but the music while wonderful, had very high volume by default

Nice game, very catchy theme, good sound effect, the mechanic is very good, the only thing that didn't convince me too much is the art but it's not bad

The mechanic is very original, I liked the graphics and the level generation very smart, a shame the lack of sound I can almost hear the chiptunes playing XD

Really enjoyed playing it, the music choice is excellent, the story very elaborate, also like the character animations and the improvised art, the scan mechanic is also very interesting but it would be interesting to see more use to it but I suppose it was due to time limitations, on the bad side the shooting is imprecise and the scenario art could be improved again I suppose by time limitations, overall excellent ambitious entry

Thanks for playing!

Thank you for playing!, ill will take your feedback in account for future updates.

Thanks for reporting, could you please tell me what os and if its in a specific part of the game?

Good tutorials are a pain to make, glad those texts worked for someone, thank you for your feedback and your time playing the game!

Sorry for the over exposition trying to exercise my writing skills XD

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Hi ahmadred! thank you for playing! I wanted to do an isometric perspective in a similar way to commandos or shadow tactics but we didn't have the time for the added work it meant. Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you for playing Aemetta, the Racoon is already fixed if you want to give it another try, thank you for your feedback!

Hi plexsoup thanks for playing! The Racoon is already fixed, please play again if you can :P! 

I appreciate your comment, thank you for playing!


Nice devlog! Still have to check the game but really enjoy reading this kind of retrospectives.

Kings Field vibe, thats good!

The art of this game is great!

Loved the intro!

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Glad you enjoyed the little storyline , cant avoid adding some, even its just a jam, and maybe you already gave me and idea with iguana boi for next jam XD Thanks for playing!!

Thanks for the feedback i appreciate honesty, thanks for playing!

I really like the aesthetics you are going for, is original and has a lot of personality, i didnt uderstood frackit  art at the beggining but totally dig the style now

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Jajaja i laughed my ass off with this one, like you made it on drugs or what, i admire your creativity

The main mechanic of this game is wonderful, hope you keep working on it!

Really nice grpahics and sound, loved the final stage, didnt understood the ending XD

Very happy you enjoyed and thank you very much for hosting this wonderful jam it was super fun and I learned a lot. Sorry for breaking the rules just couldn't resist jajaja. Thanks for playing!!!