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Nice little guessing game! Pandas are easy to spot lol

Nice! I liked the original demo :)


You want a list of weird games? I can provide, if that's what you're asking.


I'd say it was a successful experiment then!

Yeah, I'm definitely entering that one. Thanks for reminding me :D

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Thanks! If I make more retro-style games, then I'd love to make another mockup. Maybe I'll try a different computer/console box's style?

Cool. Are you planning on hosting another jam soon?

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I entered this jam for an excuse to make a quick and simple game, but I had a lot of fun. Nice relaxing jam and minimalism is a fun theme to play with. We got some great enteries, too :)

I agree with the discord. Being able to chat with other competitors/creators/? makes the experience a lot more fun.

Good puzzle/platformer. I liked the idea of the end goal being the only colorful object. Nice interpretation of the theme. Just a solid game all round. Great job!

Very cool! Sucking up all the little satellites and planets was satisfying. Music was hypnotic and space-y. It was very cool when it zoomed out far enough for me to recognise planets. The sense of scale was great! Very nice job!

Sometimes the arrows worked, sometimes they didn't. Not sure why. Mouse worked fine, though :)

My tangerine had a nice time on the slopes.

Nice game, but weird controls. Z/X/Arrows or having the space bar be shoot would be much better.

Needs a restart level button. Very smooth controls and the music was chill and trippy, though.

Solid game! I liked the explosions.

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That's a cute lil dude :3

This is what I did when my tendons started crying.

Nice! Love the graphics, but more background elements would increase the sense of speed (since acceleration seems to be a mechanic, I think it would make the game more fun). Good job!

I wouldn't say including a game's instructions in-game is harsh criticism, especially when the controls aren't immediately obvious.
If I've learned anything from making games, it's that no one reads instructions.  I don't want to insult people who play games, but (and this is especially for jam games) most players are not going to read the instructions. You need to throw them into the player's face or make the game intuitive enough to figure out in seconds. I've taken to adding instructions to start screens and/or pause screens. It seems to help :p

Oh, the cooldowns are shared! Yeah, it felt really unresponsive, but now I understand why. Anyway, I had a little trouble figuring it out, but using the enemy's powers was a cool concept! You could make a great game out of that.

Are the levels completely random? I ask because I wasn't sure where to go. Very cool that it supports custom levels, though. Graphics were a little busy for my liking, but it's very close to being a clean and pleasing aesthetic. Having a bit more variation in shapes would help? I understand you're going for a minimalist style, but when the breakable blocks and the danger blocks are near each other, it all sort of turns into a blur for me.

Yeah, the jumping stopped working for me too. Controls seemed good otherwise. The floaty jumping kinda reminded me of Cave Story.

Anyway, I liked the background and the snow effects. Very lonely and atmospheric.

Very slick aesthetic! I liked the gameplay, but I found the spinning mechanic a little frustrating. I had trouble getting the hang of erm... getting momentum to cross gaps? I dunno, I felt like I was running towards a gap only to sort of slowly tumble into it. It's still a great game, despite my gripes! Good job!

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This game hurts my wrist lol. I am playing it right, aren't I? Spin the right stick to cycle? You move so slow that I don't see the point of having breaks, though! I feel like I'm missing something.
Gameplay aside, I liked the concept for the graphics.

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I'd like to play, but I can't figure out how. The A button (I'm using an xbox controller) seems to shoot a big white blob, but it doesn't appear to have any effect on the green blobs?

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The animation was good and I liked that you added a story. I also liked the idea of ammo being your health. What I didn't like the shooting though, it was too difficult to tell when I could or couldn't hit stuff. I understand the arc was probably intentional, but the perspective makes it difficult to use. Improve the shooting and you've got a neat game!

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Like missingrooster said, it would be nice to know how much actions cost, but otherwise I loved it! Graphics were great and gameplay was solid. Very nice!

Hey, cool game! Love the aesthetics.

Nice little platformer. While not a big deal, it found the saw blades (?) a bit ambiguous. Maybe give them some spikes or something? Anyway, good work.

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Disturbing game. Not much to the gameplay, but in a way it added to the monotonous and casual tone that the player character goes about his business. The monochrome graphics are well done and the digitised voice added to the creepiness. Interesting!

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Really great! Atmospheric, creepy and simple fun. You really nailed the minimalist art style. Only complaints is the move speed is slow (although this does add to the feeling of stumbling around in the dark, so it works!) and the sword could be a bit quicker. Excellent job!

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I am satisfied by the amount of cat sound samples. Good work on finishing!

Thanks! My attempt at minimalism ended up being more retro, so I figured I might as well make a fake box inspired by the king of minimalist box arts, too.

Thank you!

Unsettling. Please make more.

Great idea for the theme. Loved the graphics and the puke aliens. The punches could have done with some sort of knock back on the aliens or at least more feed back. Would play a more fleshed out alien slapping simulator.

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Wow, very slick game! Love the vector-ish graphics. Did not love being killed by a fidget spinner lol.
If I had any complaints, it would be that the weapons felt puny. There should have been a huge power difference between the weapons. I didn't feel like the green one was much stronger than the rapid fire. Minor complaint though, you did a great job!

Ah, okay I was missing a platform! Thanks!

I agree with this, but to fix the challenge problem I would just make there be a penalty for touching walls. Having to carefully navigate along the passages would have complimented the floaty movement.