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Very cute. I liked the secret dog. Lanky doggos are best doggos. A+

I love this game. When do we get Case 2? I need more duckventures!

Oh, I remember Melon Journey! This looks neat too.

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I've made a bunch of games and I couldn't have done it without the combined knowledge of the GameMaker community! As thanks, I'm sharing some project files of complete games for your education and entertainment.

Note: all games are playable, but not perfect. I've only been using GMS a bit less than year, so don't expect much optimization, bug free-ness, etc. Anyway, I find looking at other people's projects interesting, so I figured others would, too :)


(Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. I wasn't sure.)

Love the concept, very funny and cute! I can relate. I mean, I am  a well adjusted human being.


Didja do it? Link?

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! It was difficult to not accidentally make pixel art lol. I really wanted to make some more levels, but I'm glad what I managed to finish is fun enough.

Thanks for playing my game :)

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I'll play it. ╰( ・ ᗜ ・ )╯

Wow! Thanks!

I didn't expect to see a fighting game! I really like the animation and the armor mechanic is very cool. Unfortunately, it's far too easy to win just by mashing buttons. Really needs better AI. Also, when the CPU loses their armor, the player loses theirs, too. Their armor HP is the same, but it disappears on the character.

Impressive effort all the same. I know AI is very difficult, but you've still made a cool proof of concept.

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Nice concept, but it's got problems.

-Movement speed is way too fast. Holding the movement keys makes you almost instantly zip across the screen!
- Killing enemies feels very meh. An explosion animation or some sound effects would help a lot.
- The player needs invincibility frames after being hit. If there's a string of bullets coming towards you, then it's really easy to die instantly.

These are pretty simple things to fix and if you do I think you'll have a solid game. Nice effort all the same. I can certainly see what you were going for :)

Super simple, but fun! But am I losing it or are the controls at the start wrong? I was going to check, but when I opened the game again all I got was a grey screen?

Interesting idea. Reminds me of the boardgames I used to make with my brother as a kid.

Cool entry and I liked the art. It's like looking at a little diorama. Very cool.

Nice twist on the clicker genre. I liked that there was more interaction than usual clicker games. Graphics were nice and I though the little characters were cute.

Nice job.

Uhh, what? I'm not sure what's happening. Am I meant to punch the wolves? I die pretty much instantly no matter what I do :(

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Loved the title screen and music and I wish it played during the game, too. The sound effects are the best. Medjed is kawaii. Like others have said, there needs to be some sort of feedback when you're hitting enemies. It just feels... flat when you hit stuff. Otherwise solid game, I like the designs. Zeus looked like he was having a great time :D

Nice job!

I liked the graphics and the implication that bazooka cats are a regular, abeit annoying, occurrence. Like HexGridLife said, hit detection is poor. I ended up just running past them and then I ran into a spider and died.

Fix the hit detection and you've got a cute little game.

I could not kill the president. Solid game, but my X key jabbing finger hurts. Seriously though, cool game and using protesters as shields was neat. I liked all the stuff on the screen. Really gave the game a chaotic atmosphere.

Nice job!

Love the concept! Throwing stuff around is a lot of fun. Wish the game window was bigger. I think it would be easier to sort and fling stuff around if it was. Worked well enough, though. Controls were responsive, but picking up smaller objects could be fiddly.

I enjoyed it. Nice job!

Fiddly controls, but fun once you get the hang of it. Sometimes the hit detection felt a little odd though. I liked the game over voice over lol. Graphics were neat. I liked the different backgrounds. Beating up zombies at a fun fare is a great concept that totally needs its own game.

Nice job!

I liked the graphics. The sketchy background was pretty unique. Kinda wish I could shoot faster or manually, but since it' s a mobile game I understand why it autoshoots. It can be frustrating to shoot at an enemy and just keep hitting its bullets, though. I just felt like I didn't have enough control.

Good effort, but the controls made it frustrating.

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Solid simon says clone. Sounds and controls were good. I wish there was a more interesting background to look at, but it works well enough.

Nice job!

Oooh, I liked this game! The unsettling atmosphere and creepy-cute aesthetic is totally up my alley. Love the sound design, too. Aesthetics aside, the controls are very responsive and killing enemies has satisfying feedback. A fun and very well polished game.

Great work!

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I mean, it's flappy bird. Solid enough clone. I like that you play as a paint palette. That's pretty funny. I'm really bad at flappy bird though, so 0/10. (j/k)

How do I play? When I double click on the exe it opens a browser window to open something:

The bull made me jump lol. I liked the sombrero at the top. Really added to the realism. Seriously though, fun and solidly made game. Nice job!

Dank. Loved the graphics and  the music was... an experience. Hit detection was a bit wonky and it was very short, though. I'd like to play another game with the same aesthetic!

Nice job!

A worthy tribute. Silly game, but surprisingly fun! I liked the firewall lol.

Cool toy! I'm kinda surprised it actually triggered me lol. Sometimes dragging stuff was a bit finicky, but overall a well made thing. The stereo/3d sound worked well.

Very nice!

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Very cute game! I loved the chameleon character and the music was adorbs. Graphics were pleasant and painterly, while still keeping an element of ms paint crudeness. Very characterful. I also liked that the game had a paint/color theme. Controls were nice and responsive. I like the jumping a lot. At first, the upwards momentum felt sudden, but it worked well. Level design was okay. I felt there were a lot of parts where you're just running along an empty path with nothing happening. I understand it's more a puzzle platformer than action, but it just felt tedious. Either faster running speed or more compact levels would fix this. Also I encountered a bug on the 3rd level where a crate got stuck:

All in all though, a solid game. Nice work!

I liked that graphics (10/10 paint style) and I can see you put a lot of effort into the UI. I didn't finish it though, Garchomp got me in one hit D:

Meta AF. Funny game, I liked it :)

I only started participating in game jams this year, so I was disappointed when this year's gbjam didn't happen. There's not really any mention of hosting one this year at all :(

So thanks for hosting this Uk_resistant! It's gonna be a fun challenge.

So bouncy :D

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I've chosen to believe that your game is made of balloons. But seriously, learning a new engine while making a jam game is great. It can be a pain, like you've found out, but you learn so much in such a short time. I'd attribute most of my gamemaker skills to game jam participation lol. It's good you're keeping stuff organized btw. I just write a todo list for my jam games at the end of the day. Although, when you're working in a group, I guess keeping everything extra organized is important.

Anyway, looks like your game is coming along well!

Not the sort of graphics I was expecting. Very interesting!

Cool another dev log! If you want to make your game look like it was made in ms paint, I've found that unpolished lines (like the janky eyes in your sprite) and authentic colors really sell it. I'm using winxp's paint colors and my game looks appropriately hideous.

The idea for your game sound neat. I get sick of seeing platformers in every game jam, but Iove it when one comes along with a cool gimmick. Looking forward to your game!

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Thank you! Slimes are always cute tho. Even gelatinous cubes.

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Fun game! Controls were a little awkward, but nothing I couldn't get used to. Like another commenter said, there's really no platforming so hopping up steps should just be automatic. The graphics were nice. I especially liked how the big slimes turned into block shapes when you stacked them. Sticking the slimes together to make a big slime is a cool concept and clever interpretation of the theme.

Interesting concept and solid execution. Nice job!