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Replied to Tzoop in FROGEND comments

Thanks! I couldn't really decide on what to make so I just put a bunch of little ideas together.  This jam was mostly an excuse to practice digital drawing and GML so my approach was kinda useful in the end.

Also yeah, Zawa's minigame is the most game-y thing in it lol

That's flippin adorbs!

Neat little game. I liked the concept.

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Needs costume dlc. Very good frog. The song was nice, evoked an amphibious atmosphere. 7/10


Pretty freakin tight.

Nice. Kinda reminds me of Ys.

Very nice GB style!

No probs, dude. When I see a promising game like this, all I want is to see it realized as a full and great game. If I think I can help, I just can't stop myself. Also as a fellow dev, I know how useful criticism can be. It's refreshing to see someone so receptive of it!

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Hello! I played Firewing 2.0 and had a blast. I'll definitely be following development from here on out.

Also, I wrote some comments/criticisms while I played. You can read them here: http://pastebin.com/N5q8Zaax

I know you haven't explicitly asked for criticism and I don't mean to be rude, but maybe my comments will be useful for you. Good luck with the game!

Thanks dude <3

Befriended many dogs. 10/10 Would befriend again.