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i referenced it in the credits... and the rest of the art is mine

The game is really cool and fun to play, although some background music and sound effects would improve it a lot, also i dont seem to need all those  extra spaces if i am not going to use them

a pretty fun game, did you take inspiration form the other side from blackthornprod


no, it is not, i was Inspired

you guessed it! it was inspired by blacthornprod

The music was relaxing and the graphics are really good

the music is very good and really good gameplay

sorry for getting the name wrong

i cant play the game for some reason, and i would suggest you to do what gb 6 said

it is a really fun game!, could be turned into a very fun mobile game!

Really great game, good puzzles, would suggest to have a restart button though, the graphics are simple but great, lots of potential in this mechanic

reallt good game, the puzzles were challenging and the graphics were simple but a good combination with the gameplay, overall I really enjoyed it!

pretty good game although i would suggest a bit more randomness and hardness into the gameplay bit.

pretty good game with the text and all but most players dont like reading texts a lot so i would say put in some gameplay

it is a pretty good game with a mechanic that has great potential, my only concern was that the cursor was not visible, but overall good game!

really cool game!

you give people their freedom/solution in the end

you give people their freedom/solution in the end

really cool game and really challenging would you like to play my game at

the thing is i had only one day to   make this because i had to travel somewhere so it was kind of quick

Nice game really calm and relaxing!

nice game! you could expand on this idea like after defeating the small enemies then there is HUUUGE one and greatGame!

thanks for that this was when i did not know unity, and when i was 11 years old so now im 12!!

can you tell me how yo fix this problem?

really good, game 5 stars on visual and fun

really good game 5 stars for fun