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Nice, I couldn't get mixed AI to work as well as I hoped.

I particularly like the rugby scrum technique at the bottom to push the enemies out the way and get the ball.

I tried that and no difference, sorry. Also I use Unity 5.3.4p4 for my game and it doesn't happen (although it does break each scene into a different file). Are you doing something unusual around scene loading? Or maybe it is just my machine - it has had a lot of stuff installed on it over the years!

I finished the game, video below. The last few seemed easier than the middle ones, but I did spend some time overnight thinking about tactics, and a few minutes before recording trying things out. The filters on allied base range didn't work the way I expected in the last mission, I had all but the close range filter set, but the condition was still true even at close range - you can see in the video.

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Thanks for a great game! Feel free to share them wherever you wish. Since you are happy with them, I'll share them out too.

FYI: they were recorded with OBS again (still working on getting the sound right), DXtory freezes the game, but I think that only happens on what looks like a unity scene change

You are welcome.

I look forward to seeing your video. My solutions still feel very reactive and tactical. I see a problem, think of a possible solution, try it, and then repeat or move on. I am also very focused on just bringing as much firepower onto a target as possible. However, there is the impression there is much more possible with this game - hopefully seeing other peoples' different AIs techniques will show that.

GFX47 - is the game designed at the moment (since the AI library has only just been added) so that it possible to build a single uber AI that wins all the scenarios, or do they need to be constantly tweaked to fit the situation, or is that a secret players need to discover?

I just played this latest alpha for a little over an hour, and got 5 missions from the end. It is very enjoyable, very much the sort of game I like to play. I'm still thinking about how I can improve my AI to get those last few missions.

The gameplay was much easier to me than last time, perhaps because of experience, but I think the intro was clearer too. I like being able to have a library of AIs and assign them to bots (although I don't remember using a multi-AI team successfully). Sometimes I felt the game wasn't moving fast enough, especially if I'm sure I've won (if I'm sure its a loss I can just restart, winning requires waiting to the end), although perhaps that is in keeping with the feel of the game (more thinking than acting).

I recorded the game session again (broken up into 3 parts) and it is up on YouTube at:

If I finish the game, I'll add a 4th video there. The videos are public, let me know if that is a problem.

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Just tried this out, but only had 30 minutes. I like it and will play it again. I think it will take me a bit more time to understand all the options. The idea of the game is very good, the visuals are good and I particularly liked the sound FX when pausing or speeding up.

It took me a little time to understand the hand symbol meant drag. Also the order execution was not immediately clear, nor the filters (just spotted them by chance). I also am still not sure how much the bots can do. I think they can only do one at a time of: move; shot; or have the ball. I also found myself wanting a way to quickly skip to the end & restart if its clear my AI wasn't working.

I immediately wanted to assign different roles/AIs to different bots. I also initially wanted to set parameters, like "> short range", but this can probably can be done with the filters I discovered at the end. I wasn't sure what a "hub" was.

From my experience creating a game, I found that videos of people playing are very useful, so I recorded my play session. They are below. However, I couldn't use dxtory (my preferred program) to record as the game froze up and nothing would work (nothing in the logs when that happened). You might want to look into this as I know a few YT'ers use that program. I had to use OBS instead, and due to inexperience with it, the recordings are of a low quality - my apologies. My voice is especially low (I set the sound level for the menu, but the game is much, much louder). However, I thought they might still be of use.



They are not listed so the general public won't see them. I'll also probably delete them in a month or so.

Thanks for the game,