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Hey, I didn't purchase this asset, but I feel more people would if you toned the price down a bit. Absolutely just how I feel about things, but 5 dollars seems a bit much for a tiled sprite with a few animation frames. Personally if I had released something similar I'd have priced it either free, or  1-2 dollars. It looks really cool though. Just be mindful of product and pricing!

really fun and challenging little game. I love the music and art so much. Keep up the good work!

Super fun game, great art, music, and gameplay. I keep picking this back up even though its just the demo. I can tell a great deal of inspiration came from Enter the Gungeon, which is one of my favorite games of all time. I love the platformer take on it as well, it really gives a new gameplay experience to an intricate bullet hell suspense. I absolutely can't wait for the full game to be released. Amazing work, keep it up!

He used Unity.

I've created a modification of a dungeon algorithm from a game I am currently developing. If you're a game developer and you want a quality, procedural dungeon algorithm, come check it out!

Thanks! I could really make use of this algorithm, since it's coded in js it would be easy to translate for actual game development.

However I'm more used to working with Unity and C#, could you tell me how exactly i can download it?

This looks great! would you consider releasing the source code?

Hey, these textures are really nice!

I'm currently developing a 2D rouge-like game and I will be using these sprites you've designed. I was wondering if I could get your name so I can add you in the credits, or if you'd prefer I can only show your account name?



The game is currently far from a finished product, a release will not be any time soon, unfortunately. Although I am considering putting up an early access demo on my account here sometime in the upcoming months! ;)

Hey! I'm using these textures in a game I'm currently developing and i was wondering how i should give you credit. Should i put your full name (if so what is it), or just a link to your account?