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Thanks for playing! Yeah the game has it's bugs.
Looks like i must have uploaded the game with a save file that already exists. So in turn it loads that world that i last generated, however each time it does generate a different terrain.

I really appreciate the feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed my recreation!

got to 110 haha. Very fun little game!

Apologies for any cross platform errors. Not sure I'll ever get back to this project, as it was just a fun concept, and was originally made for windows PC.

I'm happy you enjoyed it though!

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Everything here was made in a different engine than minecraft actually was. All the effects you see were put together with the Unity3D engines standard assets. As minecraft was programmed in Java, there isn't really any way to translate these effects to the original game.

In a way, yes. Except not Unity's built in Mathf.PerlinNoise. As that method generates 2D noise. What i did was i used a 3D perlin noise script (that was not made by me) and modified it to be more concentrated the lower the y axis is, thus making a hilly terrain. I used the same algorithm but without the y axis modification to generate the caves, as well.

1. no
2. it serializes the world data to a file. if that file exists, then it loads that saved file rather than a new world.
3. yes
4. no, it uses chunks


Cool video! thanks for checking it out!

It would be the normal 2 dollars. All I was really saying was don't distribute the source code of it commercially, As it's my work and costs money here

1. It's only infinite on the z and x axis, y axis is limited.

2. 2019 or higher

3. If you pay for it, you can use it for your own projects and modify it how you like, but don't distribute it or the source code of any projects with it.

okay then so you're on mobile? if so this game is meant for pc, sorry

Great work! very clean art!!

"- Barrel"

Ahh I was wondering if someone would catch that! :)


An infinite world is quite a complex thing to make. So once I decided to make the world limited, I could only make it so large and still have a reasonable load in time. Possibly in the future I will add infinite terrain, but not any time soon.

Okay listen. I am NOT going to be progressing this project. Please, for the love of god don't just DEMAND updates and new features out of me. I am sorry if you thought i was aiming to fully remake Minecraft. I am not. I can only go so far in recreating a game that is NOT MINE and COSTS MONEY TO ACTUALLY GET.

On top of that, I can't just "add" multiplayer, or skins, or clouds, or mobs, or 3rd person, and CERTAINLY not SURVIVAL. That would all take months to finish. I'm sorry again but that is not what I'm going to spend my time doing just so you don't have to buy a video game. I hope you enjoy your day.

Be sure you downloaded the app, not the unity project.


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Not really. Got some other projects currently under way that I'm focusing on. Definitely will be soon though!

Really cool!

I actually used the same noise algorithm for caves as i did for the surface terrain. Rather than 2d noise i used 3d noise. I just made a simple algorithm to increase the intensity of it based on how low the y position is. for the caves i just generated regular 3d noise across the map, and any place where the noise is greater than a certain value (I think i chose 0.8), it places an air block.

Super fun!

Thanks, I appreciate it!

Really cool! Although the chunks could use some optimization, it does take about a quarter to a half a second for them to load in (at least for me)

Super fun game! although there isn't much in it right now, I really love what it has so far. The graphics and sounds all tie together so well. This seems like a game i'd personally love to kill a weekend with. Looking forward to where you take it!

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It seems i uploaded a new script with a personal change to it for a specific project. I've updated the script, try downloading the new one.

Since I don't know your specific problem, here are a few problems that may be occuring and their solutions:

- Make sure you're not applying the outline script on the gameobject you want to outline. Be sure its a child of the object, and has the parent assigned as "Renderer To Outline."

- Make sure the alpha level on the color of the outline isn't at 0. By default, it is.

- This script is meant for outlining very small textures, ideally nothing larger than 256x256. otherwise the outline would be very small. The script only creates a one pixel thick outline.

- Be sure that on the texture's import settings, under "Advanced", "Read/Write enabled" is set to true.

If you are still having issues, let me know.


Hey, I didn't purchase this asset, but I feel more people would if you toned the price down a bit. Absolutely just how I feel about things, but 5 dollars seems a bit much for a tiled sprite with a few animation frames. Personally if I had released something similar I'd have priced it either free, or  1-2 dollars. It looks really cool though. Just be mindful of product and pricing!

really fun and challenging little game. I love the music and art so much. Keep up the good work!

Super fun game, great art, music, and gameplay. I keep picking this back up even though its just the demo. I can tell a great deal of inspiration came from Enter the Gungeon, which is one of my favorite games of all time. I love the platformer take on it as well, it really gives a new gameplay experience to an intricate bullet hell suspense. I absolutely can't wait for the full game to be released. Amazing work, keep it up!

He used Unity.

I've created a modification of a dungeon algorithm from a game I am currently developing. If you're a game developer and you want a quality, procedural dungeon algorithm, come check it out!

Thanks! I could really make use of this algorithm, since it's coded in js it would be easy to translate for actual game development.

However I'm more used to working with Unity and C#, could you tell me how exactly i can download it?

This looks great! would you consider releasing the source code?

Hey, these textures are really nice!

I'm currently developing a 2D rouge-like game and I will be using these sprites you've designed. I was wondering if I could get your name so I can add you in the credits, or if you'd prefer I can only show your account name?



The game is currently far from a finished product, a release will not be any time soon, unfortunately. Although I am considering putting up an early access demo on my account here sometime in the upcoming months! ;)

Hey! I'm using these textures in a game I'm currently developing and i was wondering how i should give you credit. Should i put your full name (if so what is it), or just a link to your account?