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Thank you so much for your support!
I'm really glad you liked my work!
I hope you enjoy it! ^^

What I studied about MV3D is that in order to have an ABS working with it, it would be necessary to build one by events and that is what I was doing, but i dropped its development.
You can try to do an event-based ABS yourself, this will work.
It would work perfectly with the 3D Battlebacks Generator.

Hello, castillerojc!
Unfortunately this is not compatible with Chrono Battle Engine.
As for your proposal, I confess that this would be a very hard job to do and it falls short of my capabilities.
Sorry for not fulfilling your request, but I'm glad you liked my work! ;)

No problem!
Hey man, take a look at your post on Centro RPG Maker, i have posted a message to you there.

Thanks one more time! ^^

Hello Raizen!

I really liked the Triple Triad and would like to use it in a project.
The problem is that my project was made with MV and I saw that you released the Booster Pack and Shop updates only for MZ.
Is there any chance that you could port them to the MV?

Keep up the good work! ^^

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No, as this is part of the package.

But, please understand that this is for the MV3D, and not for the default RPG Maker MV.

The good thing is that this is a feature that is also part of the Lite version, so you can get it, if you prefer, since it is cheaper.

Yes, you can enable/disable the 3D effect in a simple way, you just have to insert a tag in the map's note tags.

Please take a look at the MV3D tutorial:

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Hello TheGameAfter!

You should add character sprite sheets as usual, just like you do with the regular RPG Maker MV.
The MV3D will consider the character's directions as his sides and automatically rotate as the camera rotates.
You can use note tags like, for example, mv3d scale to adjust the character's size in relation to the game map.
So if you have a character sprite sheet that is a bit smaller than normal and you want to adjust them to match the size of the RPG Maker MV, you just need to insert this scale note tag to adjust it.
In short, you don't need to make any special adjustments for the sprites to work correctly with 3D, as the MV3D itself interprets the default RPG Maker MV sprite sheets and applies them correctly.
Even so, if any adjustments are needed, you can do so by note tags.

There is nothing very detailed about this, but you can take a look at the MV3D documentation, as there is some information there:
The most recommended is to look at the demo example to see how it is done and apply it to your own 3D models.

It is possible to use large models as houses - you can take a look at the Shadow Quest videos that are on my channel to get an idea of their use - but using too many models can impact the performance of your game, so you have to use them with moderation.
Another thing is that when configuring passability, you have to fill in the tiles that the player is supposed to not pass with invisible tiles and with passability X to prevent the player from walking inside the models.
It is possible to do, but a little laborious.

I personally am not working on it.
The ABS that I showed in some videos on my channel was being made based on events, but I took a break from its development.
However, YoraeRasante was working on a compatibility patch between MV3D and Chrono Engine, research about it to find out more, I am not so aware of the current status of the compatibility patch, since I am not developing it.

I hope I have clarified your doubts and helped you.
If there are any more questions, you can ask me.
A big hug!

Olá, Kauzz! Tudo bem?
Enviei uma mensagem através da aba Contact do seu website.
Aguardo sua resposta.
Um abraço!

There are plans for that!

Yeah, this works normally.

If you need help, please send a message to

I really hope you enjoy it! ^^

This would require some work, it would not be plug and play, unfortunately.

Yes, this is possible, but it does require some work.
How advanced is your project?

Oh, i see!

No problem, you're welcome! ^^

As it is a 3D environment, parallax mapping does not make much sense. If you use a 2D environment, then yes, it is possible.

Due to being a 3D environment, the ARPG and SRPG plugins that already exist are not compatible.
It would be possible to create an ARPG or SRPG game, but you would need to create these systems yourself, considering 3D aspects such as the Z coordinate (height), for example.

I'm glad that you liked my work and you're welcome! ^^

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There are plans for that!

Hello Infinite395,

1. No, it's not compatible with MZ, it's just for MV.

2. There is no compatibility issues with Yanfly's plugins that is currently known.

Thanks for your support, my friend!
I'm glad you liked it and I really hope you enjoy it!
I await your contact so we can have this conversation.
A big hug!

Hello, Castillo312!

1) Most assets are sprites, like those used by characters, for example.
No new tilesets have been included.

I am seriously thinking about starting a series of MV3D tutorials, what do you think of this idea?

2) No, Active Battle System is not ready yet. I have focused a lot on the Sideview Battle System and, therefore, the development of ABS ended up being stopped.

You gave me a good idea.
I am thinking about adding this feature in the future.

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Obrigado pelo elogio, amigo.
Vou dar uma olhada no Paypal quanto a essa configuração.
Se quiser, eu posso providenciar uma forma alternativa de pagamento para você.
Mande-me um e-mail para resolvermos isso:
Um grande abraço!

EDIT: Conferi aqui e o Paypal está configurado para aceitar outras moedas, inclusive minha moeda padrão é o real.

There are only 2 options: Use the WASD movement or not.
As for what you want, there is a possibility: Disable the WASD movement and use the Yanfly Keyboard Config to allow the player to configure the keys.
You will need to edit the Yanfly plugin a bit to do this.
An example:
In this video, I made this, but this plugin is not included in the Environment System, this is for a future system that i'm developing.

In the mv3d plugin settings, you can define the type of control you want to use.

It has a configuration called WASD movement, which you can disable if you want.

You're welcome!

If you have any more questions, you can ask me. :)

Hello, buddy!
Thanks for your support! :)

First, in the plugin settings, you can define whether the maps will be 3D by default or not; this will apply to all maps.
Logically, in this demo, I setted 3D enabled by default.

But it is also possible to enable (or disable) 3D on a specific map, to do this, you must insert the commands below in the map's note tags:
In this example, 3D will be disabled on that map.

It is also possible to do the opposite, inserting "enable(true)" instead of false, but since 3D is enabled by default in the plugin settings, you will not notice the effect of the command.
This would work if you decide to disable 3D by default in the plugin settings.
To change the plugin settings for this, you must go to "Map Settings/Map Defaults".

I really hope you enjoy it!
A big hug!

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Hello, my friend!
Your work is AWESOME!

I have some doubts:
Does the graphics package have 4-directions graphics (up, down, left, right) or are they just isometric?
Is the 3D models (.obj files) you used to generate them included?

I would like to use them with MV3D, but I am uncertain if it would work well.

This is just a project.

You access this the same way you access a normal project, just open it.

Ok, i will warn you! ^^

Hello, Castillo312!
I am currently developing one, but it is not ready to be released yet.
Stay tuned for good news!

You're welcome! ^^

There are 2 ways to do this:

The first way is to disable the 3D effect in the plugin settings (or on a specific map, if you prefer), this will be like a normal RPG Maker game, so I think it is unnecessary to make a video.

The second way is to configure the camera in a way that looks like 2D (yes, you can fix it and prevent the player from changing).

You can adjust the camera to achieve an effect similar to Pokémon Black & White, for example, what I call an aerial camera; or you can take the aerial camera to the limit, which resembles a normal RPG Maker game as well.

In short, you can configure the camera as you wish with the 3D mode enabled, including deciding whether the player can change it or not.

If you choose the second way, simulate 2D, even with 3D enabled, it is possible to keep all features that are made for 3D mode.

To use your own camera config, you can ignore the Camera Routines I created by activating a switch. Read the tutorial, if you decide to do this, to understand it better.

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Hello, my friend!

As this was developed to be used with 3D activated, there are some features that works only with 3D activated and there are some features that works in both cases.

Features that works in both cases:

  • Time
  • Rain
  • Day and Night
  • Clock HUD
  • Dynamic BGM
  • Smooth Transitions (Parallax must be visible)
  • Day and Night in Battle Integration
  • Weather in Battle Integration
  • 3D Battlebacks Support
  • HUD Adjustment Menu

Features that works only with 3D activated:

  • Sunlight & Moonlight
  • Camera Routines
  • Flashlight
  • Dynamic Camera
  • First Person Camera
  • Shadows

Note that the way the map is constructed in 3D mode is different from 2D mode (RPG Maker MV default).

Well, the objective of the Shooter Battle System is to simulate a Shooter, but adapting it to the Action RPG style, trying to emulate the feeling of being playing action games, like Resident Evil, for example.
As usually happens in shooting games, the player will have access to a Knife to attack at close range, but it will not be a wide range of melee weapons as in a Zelda game, for example. The Knife is just a complement, the strong point of SBS will be the use of Ranged Weapons.
As for the release date, I don't have an expectation yet, but I already have a lot ready. I am in the process of demonstrating what is already ready to my followers and, finishing this phase, I will complete the construction of the System and release it.
Stay tuned on my Youtube channel to stay informed!
I'm glad you liked my work!
A hug!

Hello, my friend!
Only works for side view battles.

You're welcome! ^^

Fico feliz que tenha gostado! ^^

I understand.

I have been working for 6 months on my project's base and this is not ready yet, it is a very long job.

1 month is a short time.

Good luck with your projects!

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Hey! I have played your game!
Nice NES feelings!
Did you create all the graphics and compose the songs or are they packs that you got somewhere?

I recognized several plugins there: Yanfly, Moghunter, Galv.
You made good use of them.

I have a question: Does the demo ends in chapter 3?
I defeated the boss chicken, but I couldn't get off the map.
I thought I could fix the ship.

Now an idea: Give the player the option to untransform from the boss chicken.

Cool game, bro! ^^

You did a lot for a game created in 1 month.

Is your project is in a advanced stage in development?

Now i'm curious to see it!

Thanks for the compliment! ^^

You're welcome! ^^