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This seems like a great game! The atmosphere reminds me of  'exposure' from gamejolt, Looking forward to this! 

OK, looking forward to it!

This was very cool! Are you planning to expand the game?

It's the .RAR

I have winrar, and when I load the file it says" file has been in unknown format or damaged". I downloaded this many times and I also tried 7 zip but it didn't work :(

Is there a zip file version? This version won't work for me :(

Hey, Cool game! I loved the storyline and concept. But it needs a bit of work.

It kinda reminded me of games like 'presentable liberty', 'exoptable money' and 'when the darkness comes' as if they were "depressive themed" games

Overall, this game is 7/10, I wish this game was a bit longer like an hour of gameplay. 

This looks cool! How much minutes will it take to play this game?

Markiplier played this

Drive Home community · Created a new topic Not a bad game.

Hey, it was not bad. Has some potential. 

Hey, I played your game. Its awesome. This is just the first level right? Can you try making other levels a bit longer like 20 minutes?

not bad.


when the full game be released?

good! i played 7 days on gamejolt tho.

ok , cool ending!

hey this game was pretty cool! any new game you creating?

markiplier played this

this game was too short, but i liked that. i didnt understand the ending,tho. is there like an extended version coming?

hey, this game has dang jumpscares! never played the first one, but i will play that.

hey, it says file has been in unknown format or damaged

When will you release the full game for lost hope? 

Hey I installed 7zip and it worked fine! Looking forward to the full game!

I have a problem.. It says file has been in unknown format or damaged

Are you planning to put this game on steam?

I played this game from indiedb. Good and scary! 

hey! this game was amazing. the ending was a bit disappointing, and this game was too short. but is there any ending to get in the game?

the gamejolt version worked ok, good game tho. what happened to games like hell loop?

Also, is there any way to change the graphics? I mean, is there graphics settings?

This game was absolutely amazing! But the problem is that swinging the pickaxe to the monster was not working. But I beat the game anyway. I can't wait for the full release! 

amazing horror game! it had awesome graphics, a great storyline, amazing! i hope the forced to play game "ludere" comes soon!