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Really cool seeing this project be revived

super cool beginners game. Maybe consider a web version.

I worried play time wouldn't be long enough so the spawner to start has about 10 seconds between spawns, doesn't feel great now but seemed like a good fix when making it.

This is a problem I coded it in order for the enemies to be killed it has to enter the hit box of the sword when  its active which is about from when the sword goes up to midway through the swing if I remember correctly.  In retrospect I should've made the hit box move in with the swing.

Thank you!

I was trying to implment that, but I was running out of time. I'll keep it  mind.

10/10 cured my depresssion

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Well i'm not sure the correct term but I have a small keyboard I have no arrow keys so the ability to use mouse to attack and wasd to move would have been nice.

The link seems to be outdated which mean's there is no way to see the theme

Was a little confused but when I got It i liked it.

Great game!

Really interesting game, would've loved a more convential control scheme

Loved the game! It was a really unique take on the limatation

Loved your game.

Was confused on the gravity switching level as I freed him and nothing much happened is that the end?


Thanks for the feedback :3

Yeah, got a little tunnel vision there since i knew what would happen i forgot to plan for people not knowing. I'll try to make it more obvious next time.

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When I have time I will make a fixed version. :3

oh thought i coded it to be seeded, oops!

it was from this pack

no its a free asset, i try and find the source

I am working on ver 1.1 but it's going to be late, the code is just so bad i need to work correctly its all held together by duct tape

So fun!!!!  a create take with great game design an enjoyable short experience. :3

I couldn't get the camera not to be squashed in the end, but i'm glad you liked it

The squash and stretch on jump is so satisfying. However, the difficulty fell off

I'll keep those in mind for my next jam, thanks for the advice.

I was supposed but I got busy to replace my cloud sprite, and I'll be honest kinda forgot

Great work!

unique game, fits the theme perfectly and main character is so cute!

Fun game, kept me playing for a while

see here's trick.. it doesn't

shhhhhh don't tell

great idea and a very good game

thanks :3 its lot better than my last trijam game

much agreed

thank you, at the time of development i hadn't yet figured out how to make music loop. :3

I was experimenting with a forced aspect ratio and the full-screen broke it

unga bunga

its a bug it didnt happen when i was developing it :3 i would fix it but this a jam game so its pretty much as done as i want it. 

however thank you for the f eedback

Thanks for feedback :3

Thanks :3