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I can try, just tell me what you want in the level, and this might be easier if you can dm me on discord. Also, now that I think about it, you said sketch, and I thought you meant sprites. :P

Ok I did a decent job, but I didn't really have much time.

Top -  (I'm thinking of a sprite I could use for putting in between the grass, but once again, didn't have much time.)

Middle -  

Bottom -

Spawn - (P.S. I didn't do to well on this one but I didn't have much time.)

I also made this sprite cuz it took me a while to figure it out Fishy

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do you mean, like, level sprites, to make it easier to tell what things are? Yeah you are I think, so i'll do that. btw, do you know legendary wars?

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Those are most of my best sprites, just tell me what you want me to make. P.S. I didn't mean I was going to use those sprites

Eatvolve community · Created a new topic How can I help?

I kind of want to help this project, but I don't really want to use money, so I'm wondering if there's a way I can help you with scripting or spriting?