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I'll donate as soon as possible because this game can definitely get popular if well known. Such a great concept

I suggest removing the hand models and puting the stick pointing the same direction as the controller as the way it is now is too hard to play

I am really into the idea of this game, as soon as I get a new computer i'm buying

buddy how could someone not run this??? if my low end laptop worth 200 dollars can run payday 2, then this should be a piece of cake. and I am using my laptop as a example because it is slow as hell and it has a shit load of stuff. the only way to not be able to run this is if you got a 32 bit which most people have a 64 bit. either way you can check by going into settings and going to about and you can find it there.

can you please make a version for android? I am really interested into this game but I got no way of playing.

Can you make a android port?