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Really love the idea! The graphics and presentation were very enjoyable too. Really cool game!

I like the concept and execution of the game. Does the game have sound (don't know if my version of the game was just broken or if there wasn't any). Overall, awesome game! (it would be awesome if you could rate my game too!)

I think the graphics are very nice, and the details in the animations made the game feel more responsive. Overall great game!

I think the graphics are very nice, and the details in the animations made the game feel more responsive. Overall great game!

I really liked the concept and the presentation is really good too!

 I like the concept of the game, and the execution is well done. Sadly my snail skills are not great, so I couldn't finish it, but overall awesome game. It would be awesome if you could check my game out if you have time as well!

If you happen to find any bugs inside the current build of the game, please make a details report, so it can get fixed.

Top 3 Reporting Tips

1. Explain the bug, how does it affect regular gameplay?

2. Explain how to reproduce the bug in easy to follow steps (submitting a video of you causing the bug would be great :D)

3. (Optional) How game-breaking is the bug, does it keep you from playing the game enjoyable or is it a small fix that would improve the game?

Thanks and good luck bakers,


Thanks for the comment! I used paint 3d btw.

Yea i think you have to post a project

Hey, I was wondering if anyone would want to play and rate my game! Thats all

I really liked the game! The sound and music was good. The effects made every click so much more satisfying. Overall super cool!

This was fun! I liked the mechanic of having to guard the core too! I felt as if the core moved a little too slow, but I don't know if that was a design decision. Overall awesome game! it would be awesome if you tried my game! i'll try to rate yours too! heres mine!

That was really fun. The pixel art style is really nice, and the 8-bit music fits in very well.

I liked the sound effects and music. I like the mechanics and the art style is really nice!


Alright thanks!

I have a question how did you make the triangular-shaped trail coming from the player? Whenever I try to make a trail for a game object it's usually just square.

Basically pressing "E" should change how fast or slow time goes randomly. This can help you or hurt you in certain circumstances.

The Long Tutorial community · Created a new topic Bugs

Hey everyone, did you find any bugs or glitches, comment below and I will try my best to fix them!

Epic! You should make it so you cap out a sixty bullets. You can maybe make the enemies drop 10 ammo, so its a little bit more challenging.