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shame but thanks for the answer

Would people recommend this?

AMAZING GAME but could you please maybe improve the controller support It cant go forward with the controller yet it can turn its wheels it would be great if this was improved

also is this muliplayer? is that possible at all? in anyway? and does it work with controllers

Do u just drive round in a car with indie styled visuals

yes - ooh this is the game im looking for 

no- damn

Its such a great little game the visuals are amazing and brighten my day the story behind it is touching and the plane ride is so smooth amazing game its nice to know it has a meaning behind it

I came here from him ive gotten 2 other games by the same person i had so much fun.

Great game really fun - Easy to download however im having a bit of trouble ; I cant get off the app XD im on a windows 10 pls help