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Haha yeah, didn't want to make an overly complicated tutorial room, and I felt like a human explaining it would probably have it be more understandable, so went with that instead! 

Also, wow never ran into that bug, but yeah it looks like a cancel with right click or something would really help then, thank you for the suggestion!

Thanks for the kind words :) Also, saw your game played on one of the GMTKJam streams! Really enjoyed what I saw, will give it a try. Nice stuff!

Thank you! Already checked it out, thanks for covering all of these awesome games, we really appreciate it!

Thank you! Yeah I agree though, could have made the character a bit slower/have more control, but I still like the fact that there's a bit of a skill curve to the movement!

Glad you liked it! :D

Interesting idea! Really like the gravity buttons :)

Interesting concept! The walljump I found a bit wonky but that may just be me. overall, well done!

Really original, and love the bounciness of player 2!

Thank you! Yeah my intention with that was to add a sort of skill curve when learning how to move, so that when the player gets better it;s more noticeable! Agree with you in terms of making it a bit softer though, thanks for the feedback!

Thank you for the kind words! Yeah I've been really focusing on that since it's just so satisfying to get it right!

Gameplay wise it's not too related to the theme, but I find this absolutely hilarious!

The level design is so genius, I love it!

Looks like everyone's self promotion, so better do the same! You can find it here:

It's about using your only unit of energy to discharge it into enemies, and then get it back so that you can re-use it to destroy other enemies!

Another good one is this one:

You play a 2 player game, but with only 1 character. Really original if you ask me!

Thank you so much! Yeah I agree, would have made it better but oh well, there's always next time!

4 blocks club ;) Interesting idea! I like how the theme applies to multiple parts of the game!

Super nice! Love the general theme :)

Camera is a bit wonky (maybe a larger field of view), but the idea is so great! Really love how you can have multiple clones!

Haven't tried it yet, but sounds like a genius idea! Can't wait to try it out :)

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :)

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I had this problem too, and it was because it had somehow already submitted it for me. Try looking for it in the submissions page.

EDIT: Checked your page and it looks like it's submitted :)

nice, 1/7 club

As the other comments have said, the core idea is super interesting, but wish it was longer. Well done!

That was the intention ;)

Thanks, so glad you found it useful!

Thank you!

Thank you so much, glad you're enjoying it! 

Yeah I agree with that, but also think it looks quite nice. I'm trying to find a compromise between those, so I might just have a similar color thats just a bit darker. Great suggestion!

Yeah that's also something else that I wanted to implement, but have been having trouble with coming up with an elegant solution that doesn't deter too much from the simplistic UI design. 

Thank you so much for your nice comments and feedback!

Thank you! Glad you're enjoying the polish I put into Slamslide :)

Tengo pensado crear una version "deluxe" de Slamslide y publicarlo en plataformas como Steam, iOS, y Android. Si lo acabo haciendo seguramente tendra una version de Mac y Linux tambien!

Stoneblade is Tetris with swords and bombs.

Explode many blocks in one go with a golden sword to rack up as many points as you can. Explode one too many bombs and you'll lose the game, but make sure to use copper swords to mitigate the damage!

Stoneblade has many nuances that makes strategizing the placement of blocks, bombs, and swords extremely engaging. Watch the developer commentary to learn more! Get it here:

Hey thank you so much!

I checked out your page and the GDWC looks really interesting! I will look further into it :)

Ah sorry, thought it was already marked. Will do!

Thank you so much, glad you like it :)

Thank you for sharing your opinions on the game ;)

Thank you so much for making a video of the game, that's so cool! At the end of your video you mentioned how getting to 1000 was basically impossible... Well, my high score is like 1036...! Definitely hard, but definitely possible if you play a certain way and choose the correct powerups! 

As for the mobile version, there is none yet, when I say "all tips go towards funding the mobile version" in the game page, I mean that the money earned from the tips will go towards paying various fees that will allow me to publish the game on android/iOS. Hopefully I'll get to do that though, because I have an updated version of this game in mind that I think would fit well on mobile!

Also, leveling up only unlocks costumes (and later higher starting speeds), so that's the counter you were seeing to the bottom left of the menu! The points you get are completely independent from that.

Anyways, so glad you enjoyed the game :)

Slamslide is a runner pseudo roguelite with a focus on making everything feel punchy and smooth. You can play it here:

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it :) 

Thank you so much for the kind words! Glad you're enjoying it so far :)

Super awesome game! I really like the freedom of being able to mix and match monsters in your team! I just got to the part where you can fuse them, and I'm really enjoying that too! First thing I did was try to capture the OP fire dragon in the starting area, and that really paid off! Can't wait to see how the game turns out in the end :) 

Lootbox Lyfe is a hardcore platformer with idle game elements that makes fun of the modern AAA video game industry! Think of Super Meatboy meats Cookie Clicker meets DLC Quest.

The gameplay in Lootbox Lyfe is both familiar and unique. On one hand, you have your standard platforming goodness, but you also have some idle game elements. If you've never heard of this term, think cookie clicker. Whenever you come across a lootbox in the overworld (similarly to hidden collectibles in other platformers) you will be brought to another screen in which you have to click on the box until you break it. Once you do, you will earn a special reward (or not, depends on your luck).

This is the demo version of a game that will be releasing in late 2018, so I hope you try it out and enjoy it enough to be interested in the full game!

Play it here:

Stoneblade, a Tetris inspired puzzle game that twists the formula like never seen before! Instead of trying to align blocks in a row, the aim of the game in Stoneblade is to blow up as many blocks as possible at once. For example, the player can stack blocks and once they reach the top of the screen, they can use a sword to blow everything up and get massive point bonuses! Beware of bombs however, as if you blow one of them up you will lose HP, and once your HP bar reaches 0 you lose the game. Try to balance the risk of building tall towers to get many points and losing your life! Watch a gameplay trailer here.