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Love it!

Thank you for the feedback! Much appreciated.

Love the video! I saw some unexpected solutions, which is always great to see.

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Bruh. Me too. The final level got messed up on the version, but it's fixed on the Coolmath Games build if you want to check it out!

Aw, thank you! I'm so happy you liked the game. The team and I want to make Cutoff into that fully-fledged game on Steam one day, so we'll let you know when we do!

Now this is right up my alley. Love the replicating mechanic you've got going here. It's super simple, yet affords a bunch of interesting design opportunities!

For feedback, I'd say tighten up that difficulty curve. While the first level is cool, I'd say an easier layout that requires only 1 or 2 replications would be a better fit for teaching new players the game! You can ramp up the challenge from there, since the levels you got rn are all real good.

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You really nailed the optional theme here, like wow. The theme of connection really comes thru in the gameplay, and that's the mark of a good theme interpretation imo. Grats!

So far as feedback goes, I think a second pass at the artstyle is the only serious feedback I can give rn, since as much as I LOVE the Among Us cubes, a clean look would really make this game.

I dig the educational angle; mad respect for games that try and make learning fun. You guys definitely succeeded btw, this was unbelievably charming. AND it's a great way to visualize molecular structures, crazy.

Only feedback would be that this game seems more suited for 2D versus 3D, since aiming is a bit tricky in this isometric perspective. But since that'd require basically scrapping everything, it's more of a pipe dream on my part lol

Control 2 characters at once? With an interesting core mechanic? Sign me tf up. Really enjoyed my time with this one, reminds of a classic Nitrome game. Check the site out if you haven't, it's a great inspo:

For feedback, definitely what my man Carsen wrote, since there were a couple of instances where a bat would spawn on top of a laser-disabling block.

I'm a real sucker for games that have you control 2 characters at once, so I already love this. Difficulty progression was clean, especially parts where you have to maneuver mid-air while gravity is being changed—real nice.

I think my only gripe was with some of the hazard designs? Ok maybe it's just me, but it was weird that Ranger could pass through electrical wires, since it is a robot lol

Oh man, that's so great to hear! Thank you! But yep, the scoreboard is bugged lmao. It still displays scores in order! It just... doesn't actually show the scores lol.

To your thorns idea: YES. Originally we were going to have a wizard variant that set keys on fire, but we had to scrap wizard variants in the end, since their AI requires a fair bit more work than the other enemies.

I feel ya. ngl, it's surprisingly hard to describe this game without visuals. I faced that challenge when pitching the concept to the rest of the team, so I 100% get the confusion on your end!

The number keys are yet another victim of scope lol, since we were gonna use them for the shop. Items would spawn on the keys in-between waves (waves used to be much more distinct) and you could buy them using gold coins.

Appreciate the feedback!

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You the one who put ABC for your leaderboard initials??? Since that's the score nobody can beat rn lol

Hard agree. Carsen and Arjun are both god-tier programmers.

Yes to all of that. A bunch of those were part of the og concept: a charge attack, a shop system, a dodge roll—you get the drift.

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omg the movement, yes. We were shooting for a smoother lerp when moving from key to key, but we had to scrap it for more enemy variety. Glad you had some fun tho!!!

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Imma edit my old response out, since after re-reading your post it makes perfect sense. It's a bummer, but I totally understand. Thanks for helping me out with my questions Julia! I appreciate it :D

Ah my bad, I'm asking for a potential teammate!

They're a recent graduate from NYU, but since they're here on a student visa, the opt is employment through NYU so they can stay in the states. Sorry for the confusion!

Here's a link to the opt program at NYU:

Yeah man, I was surprised at how short the rating period was too! I do feel that tho, I'm definitely a bit of a scatterbrain myself.

The rating system is broken af, how did this not place higher? Game is so well-made it's crazy, reminds me of a classic flash game in its fun and simplicity. You were actually robbed man.

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Hi Julia! Is an international student on a student visa doing a post-completion opt eligible to participate in the jam? Bit of a mouthful, sorry about that LOL

The itch page! YES!!! I prolly spent a little too much dev time working on it, so to see that you liked it makes me real happy!

This a delightful take on the classic management sim-style game. And real nice art toothe hand-drawn style you've got going on is really well done!

I love the face that the character makes when there are jellies nearby LOL

A WarioWare-inspired game??? I love.

NOOOOOO not the palette bug!!! Sorry you had to experience that. I'll add that to the bug watch so it doesn't happen again 'til we can fix it!

So for the grading system, what we do is check every pixel of what you've painted compared to an "ideal" version, and depending on the percentage of errors, your score is calculated! I can get the exact percentages if you'd like, but that's the gist of it.

Oh man, I love the look of this game! The paper cut-out style was GENIUS—especially how the characters and ingredients stood out against the background because of it, real nice touch.

Why am I emotionally attached to these planets? I don't even know what they're talking about! And the fact that you told a story without words is like, the epitome of the challenge. Fantastic work.

Man, the dedication to the theme is fantastic, especially all the eraser-themed enemies—the chunky ones wearing a crown are my personal fav! And it's also a great tower defense??? Very nice.

Moving the environment instead of the player is a great twist on the classic asteroid-avoiding game! Cateroid is a real good name, props for thinking that up!

OMG this is adorable!

This was a great interpretation of the theme! Love the use of animated textures to give the world a sketched vibe. Nice post processing too ;^)

WHOA!!! You may not have the approval of your mom, but we couldn't be prouder.

You captured the sense of helplessness in zero gravity REALLY well. That alone is crazy, but then you went ahead and made a good platformer too? Wild.

NOT THE REPSAWN BUG!!! I'm sorry about that... It's 100% on me since I flubbed some of the colliders during the final hour before submitting. 'Course with that said, thank you for playing! And still liking the game even after that bug??? King.

Here's the ending cutscene. It's a bit short, but you deserve it!

I LOVE THIS!!! Had me laughing the entire time! The hilarity of the situation alone is enough to make me smile, but getting caught made me LOSE it. It's so rare that a game can get me cracking up, so I gotta hand it to you man, fantastic job.


Real charming game. Tough as nails mind you, but charming nonetheless!

Hell of a faithful recreation; felt like I was playing Tamagotchi again! Man, now I miss my old Tamagotchi LOL

Ok, those were definitely NOT cute puppies ahead.

Japes aside, I vibe with the difficulty! The game felt hard but fair, which is a real challenge to get right in a jam setting. I'd post my clear time and death count, but I'm not about to embarrass myself publicly LOL

Cool, cool, I didn't want to sleep tonight anyways.

Crazy that even with all the limitations of the jam you made a scary ass game! Nicely done man. I would play it again, but I'm a big scaredy-cat...

OMG thank you so much! Stoked to hear you liked the aesthetic of the Flipside, it was definitely a challenge to get it right.

Short and sweet, I dig it. The mechanic you've got here has SO much potential it's unreal. If you ever develop the game further I'd definitely play it again!

Thank you! I had a blast designing each enemy, so I'm real happy that you enjoyed the look of them.

Ok, banger alert? That overworld track is fire.

This was like a beautiful fever dream in all the right ways. Easily one of the most creative games I've played in the jam.