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Play Alchemy Story Demo here!

An upcoming indie game about magic, cute creatures and adventure!

Follow the charming story of a village struck by dark magic. The villagers have all turned into animals, and the Professor needs your help to revert them back into their human forms! 

Aw thank you so much! I'm definitely planning on adding different haircuts and outfits later in development :D 

The potions need to be used a certain way to work, and I think that might have been the issue? To use the Fertilizer Potion you need to stand over a garden bed where sprouts are growing, and to use the Triple Brew you need to stand over something you can forage (like Chamomile or Lavender). The Dash Potion should always work, it might just be hard to notice the speed increase. I'll probably add an on-screen effect to make it more clear that the potion is working.

Thank you for playing the demo, I'm glad you had fun! ^^

Thank you for the comment, I was wondering if the Mac build was ok! I will add the option to control the text speed in the next update :)

Sure! It could help figure out what's wrong more precisely

Hey thank you for letting me know about those issues! I tried reproducing the potion bug, but it seems to be working fine. Do you have the right quantity of all the ingredients in the recipe? The visual bug with the clothing/hair floating around is probably a lag issue, I will look into it. Thanks! ^^

Hi, I'm really sorry about that! From what I've found it seems to be a problem with Unreal Engine, so I'm not sure if I can fix it. I will look into it and see if I can reproduce the crash and prevent it. If you haven't tried already, maybe restart your computer and download the file again, it seems to fix the issue for some people.

Thank you for the detailed feedback! I definitely have a few things to fix in the game, I hope you still enjoyed playing  :)

I'll do my best to fix these for the next version!

Yes, I will look into it this week and add a Mac version soon!

You are so sweet, you just made my day a thousand times better <3 Thank you for the offer, I do hope to add voice acting once I have a few more characters in the game! I will also probably add a jump button ^^ Have a great day!